Saturday, December 28, 2013

Charnwood Borough Council Doesn't Muck Around!

Not according to their video anyway!

We congratulate Charnwood Borough Council on producing this little gem of an instructional video. I don't know how I failed to find it earlier!

I like the "don't muck around" strap line. It has a certain ring to it.

I do, however, feel a little sorry for the lady in the video. If she was looking to break into acting, she has seriously damaged her career!

Friday, December 27, 2013

"Sightseers", Dog Fouling and Death!

As we frequently observe, dog fouling is now an ingrained aspect of our culture. This is now so much so that it is making it into modern films.
Last night, I watched the film "Sightseers". Imagine my surprise when it linked dog fouling to a vicious killing. It also prompted the already many times quoted line "he's not a person, he's a Daily Mail reader".
The first video shows the confrontation regarding the act of fouling.
In the second video at 40 seconds, the violent consequence is portrayed vividly.
What is happening to the world?

Personally, I now see my membership of the National Trust in a different light!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Dog Fouling - A Permanent Solution?

A simple solution to the issue of dog fouling would be for dogs to use a toilet and flush it just as we do. "Could that ever happen?" I hear you cry. Well, yes it could and the evidence can be seen below!

Of course, this is just a fraction of the issue. What about vomiting? Well, the same applies but I warn you, you need a slightly stronger stomach for the next video. All I can say is, "enjoy"!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Maidstone - County Town of Kent

County Town it may be but it has no protection against an irresponsible owner!
I discovered the below pile in Mill Street on Sunday afternoon. Little can be said about this. I can only hope that it found its way into a deserving home!
Mill Street, Maidstone

Thursday, December 12, 2013

FIDO - Who Needs £21,000?

Evidently not Nottingham City Council as it has just spent £21,000 on a third FIDO (Faeces Intake Disposal Operation). 
 Faeces Intake Disposal Operation
This machine is capable of collecting 240 litres of excrement and converting it into slurry. This is truly heartening news. I can think of no better way to while away the hours than by collecting dog faeces in a FIDO! There is clearly room for two in the driving compartment. I reckon I could use one of these to attract the girls more effectively than either of the stars on Easy Rider could have used a motor bike!
I have to close by thanking the Nottingham Post for alerting us to the existence of "hot spot" areas. This is, presumably, a reference to locations, where the offending deposit is still steaming?
Article here.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Ireland Comes On Board

Joint Dublin Dog Fouling Campaign Launch
As we all know, Ireland has some difficult social challenges to manage.
It is, therefore, quite logical that those, who hold senior office in the city, should focus on dog fouling. We are completely with them in this.
I like to see nothing more than a mayor, wearing a chain of office, talking about gathering up dog excrement. This is why these offices were first introduced!
I also love the size of the dogs in the video, just imagine the amount they collectively produce per week!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Poo Fighters - Respect!

I offer total respect to the "Poo Fighters". They make us look rational and normal!
The video below is worth watching if only to see one of the "agents" crawl through what I hope is imitation dog excrement.
I like these people, they give me hope!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cornwall (Again), Police, Law and Dog Fouling

Roger Hobkinson walks Dalmatian, Henry, as a favour for a friend
I thank my colleague, Stamp It Out, for sniffing out this gem of news!
The BBC News website has struck upon a most important story from Cornwall. This time, it's Newquay. I must state right at the beginning of this post, that it would be quite unfair to describe Newquay as a toilet anyway. Many people like Newquay. That said, it's no coincidence that William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies, was born there.
Mr Hobkinson, pictured above, is a retired police officer, who walks his friends Dalmatian dog, Henry. As you might expect, Henry has to foul the countryside from time to time. It appears that dog wardens are now lurking behind sand dunes and large bushes, waiting for Henry to answer a call of nature.
If Henry leaves a mess on the path, Mr Hobkinson says he clears it up but he draws a line at mess off the path and below the tide mark which he says "will be washed out twice a day". His view has led to him being fined three times since 2010, including £754 by Truro magistrates last Friday. I have cleaned up pets' poo on National Trust beaches, for goodness sake”.
Mr Hobkinson, a volunteer litter picker with the National Trust, has paid up in the past. "I've had enough of them now," he said."There is no way I'm going to pay. I would go to prison."
So we see a moral dilemma evolving here. Is it really dog fouling if the product is swept out to sea to mingle with the excrement produced by seals, whales, star fish etc? Is it really wrong to leave the excrement off path for the dung beetles to remove?
I'm not sure I know the answer but I do know one thing. Mr Hobkinson is a retired police officer. He, therefore, understands how the prison system operates and what happens to ex-police inside. I urge him to pay up and go to appeal and have his case resolved through the due process of law.
At the moment, this gentleman only has to worry about issues relating to the dog's bottom. If he goes to prison, his concern could well shift considerably. Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ, we urge him to reconsider his position!
Article here.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Conservative Government To Bring Back White Dog Poo

We thank News Toad for bringing this matter to our attention.
As you will see from their website, News Toad has a very individual take on the world.
In their article relevant to this blog, they report that David Cameron has promised that a Conservative only Government would take Britain back to simpler times when dog poo was white and you could find some on almost every residential street.
This would, indeed, mark a return to a bygone era! They further advise us that UKIP party leader Nigel Farage has argued that the Conservative party is simply stealing a long standing UKIP policy and has warned Mr Cameron that the public will see through it. “It’s quite clearly a UKIP policy. As I’ve long been saying, the decline in lighter hews of dog faeces is the direct result of an influx of those hairy little dogs that they have in France.”
Labour, who abolished white dog poo in the late 1970s just before Margaret Thatcher seized power in a landslide victory, has condemned the scheme as ‘window dressing’ and ‘lacking substance’. A spokesperson advised; ”we would urge the Prime Minister not to look back at life in the 1970s with white dog poo tinted glasses.”
While the discerning reader will recognise this as total idiocy, we again have to welcome the fact that dog fouling has crept into the collective consciousness of our society!
Article here.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Total Compliance!

As you know, here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ, we want nothing more than total compliance with the law.
We, therefore, thank Shane Murphy for bringing this to our attention on Twitter. Shane can be found @shane_murphy.
This is a perfect example of total compliance and we salute Shane for his efforts!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dog Poo Leads To Double Murder

Often on this blog, we take a lighter look at life.
There is, however, nothing funny about this news report.
A double murder following a year long dispute over dog  poo and noise.
It's the "lower level" matters, that need to be addressed to keep neighbourhoods safe!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Eastbourne Who Dunnit!

Operative SR recently had occasion to visit Northumberland Court in Eastbourne.
Mindful of the need for vigilance and also to keep his shoes clean, he spotted the following deposit in a communal, grassed area.
Needless to say, he was immediately gripped by a need to trace the offender and so he embarked upon an investigation fit to grace the pages of a Sherlock Holmes novel.
Not long into his enquiry he discovered a likely culprit lurking nearby. He surreptitiously took a picture and we can reveal the identity of the suspected offender below.

Now try telling me that that's a benign substance! Do we need to expand the remit of this blog? I leave the decision to our readers!

Monday, September 09, 2013

Purchasing Dog Faeces?

Not something I would seek to do but then, I am not everyone!
Ric Conroy clearly feels that dog excrement is there to be bought and sold. The person he asks clearly doesn't.
Let's hope he doesn't approach anybody, who is unstable and aggressive!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Brian - he'll save everyone of us !

I was watching TV last night when an advert for - the price comparison website - came on. In the advert a robot called Brian was seen to rumble across a car park and offer to help a man in his car save money on his car insurance.

Then it struck me - if the scientists can create a friendly robot to travel the land offering to help humans with their insurance quotes, then maybe they can create a robot that will travel the land offering to pick up dog crap for us instead ?

The reason people don't pick up after their dog is that they can't be bothered and are lazy. But a robot, such as Brian, never gets bored or lazy and would happily pick up dog faeces all day if we asked it to. Brilliant !!

But it appears my flash of inspiration came too late. The scientists from the GRASP lab at the University of Pennsylvania have done just that and created P.O.O.P S.C.O.O.P - a friendly robot (not unlike Brian) who looks for dog poops and then scoops them up.

Check out the video of the P.O.O.P S.C.O.O.P robot in action and imagine how clean the world would be if we could adapt Brian to do the same while at the same time giving us a good insurance deal on our car!

Enjoy the marvel of the technology we will all be using in the future :-)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Malicious Faecal Distribution - It Isn't Always The Dog!

Let's face it, dogs frequently get a bad name. Evidence of failure to clean up annoys others and is a clear breach of the law.
What if it isn't a dog? What if it's a human? Is that covered by relevant legislation?
We thank Operative JK for bringing this one to our attention.
In the appropriately named Nob Hill, New Mexico, a female jogger has been giving dogs a bad name. Unaware of the existence of CCTV, she has been jogging down an alley and engaging in an act, which the complainant describes as "malicious faecal distribution".
I love the observation that he has yet to go to the police as he feels that they won't take the (faecal) matter seriously!
In some ways, we salute this lady and thank her for proving that dogs are frequently of higher reasoning than humans, after all, dogs can't carry bags!

Full story here.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Recycling Project?

We know that many people have discovered different ways to recycle dog excrement.
I'll leave our followers and readers to decide if this was, indeed, an idea, which could catch on!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cornwall, Dog Fouling and Eviction!

Porthtowan is a quiet place, not known for problems. That said, we thank Operative ML and, of course, the West Briton for letting us know differently.

A dispute arose, the police were involved and Adam Semmens Pearce, 31, of West Cliff, Porthtowan, pleaded guilty at Truro Magistrates' Court to using threatening behaviour towards Daniel O'Brien between April 5 and 8 at Porthtowan.

Alison May, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said there had been difficulties over the cleaning of the mess from a dog belonging to Pearce's girlfriend, who also lived in the same block of flats. Mr O'Brien had sent her a note but had no response and raised the problem with the letting agent.

Mr Pearce then showed Mr O'Brien a letter from the agent saying the dog might have to be removed from the premises. Later he threatened to enter Mr O'Brien's flat and "tear him to pieces".

And all this for the sake of not cleaning up!

I find myself asking what the problem is in an otherwise quiet area of North Cornwall. Why is it providing the blog with such a rich source of material? I don't know but I continue to fear that Cornwall will sink under the weight (of complaints!).

If you are connected with Cornwall and have any views or information, please feel free to comment and let us know, we are here to advise and help!

See full article here.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Cornwall Heaves Again!

Polbreen Lane has featured on this blog before, see here.
I have just been back to Cornwall and am able to report that the same streets are still flowing! I went out for a gentle stroll in the sun and happened to have my camera with me.
I was not at all surprised to see that Polbreen Lane is still awash with the benign substance referred to here before, i.e. horse dung!
While I am somewhat shameless in my conduct, I was a little taken aback as a lady rounded the corner while I was making sure I had the best angle on said substance. Madam, I apologise for any distress caused!

Polbreen Lane leads into Whitworth Close (named after a much distinguished, local family). I saw a true act of kindness in that Close. Somebody had left out a plastic tub full of water for animals to drink from. Very kind in baking hot weather!
Was that act of kindness appreciated? Well, possibly but is it reasonable to repay such kindness to animals by leaving a massive pile of dog faeces right by the plastic tub as pictured below? Need I comment further?

The Rejection of Kindness
As an aside, I went for a walk along the pathway by the Victoria Gardens in Truro. I can only say that somebody in Truro has a dog the size of an elephant and no bags for clearing up!
Thank you, Cornwall, we salute you!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cornwall Gets Them Young!

As our avid readers will be aware, Cornwall had featured many times on this site.
I see the county council is trying a new strategy - get them while they're young!
I totally go with this and am pleased to see these young people focused on important issues at school. My experience of primary school in Cornwall was that most things said by the staff could reasonably be described as excrement. These children are merely maintaining a well established tradition!
Please enjoy this video of happy children touched by the menace of dog fouling!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Rubber Bands Rear Their Heads Again!!!

At long last we see the return of the red rubber band, for which we thank!
Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ we are always looking for new uses for rubber bands. In fact, we welcome anything that removes this disgusting, elasticated menace from our streets.
Therefore, we thank the gentleman pictured below:
Look At This Male Model!
Remember children, don't try this unless you have an adult present!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Huffington Post Highlights A Bristol Campaign

We thank Huffington Post for highlighting this poster campaign in Bristol and we also thank Operative JH for bringing it to our attention!

The campaign has not been without controversy. The image of a child consuming faeces is shocking and enough to get the message across to any rational person.
That said, the article links to a report from Spain, where a local authority has been returning dog faeces to owners as a "lost and found" item. While they use couriers, we have long speculated regarding the possibility of the benefits of faeces through the letter box (illegal, so don't do it!).
I urge you to watch this video, it certainly makes a point and the return of the faeces shows that the local authority is not to be messed with! I love the battery operated piles of faeces following owners! The commentary could be from a Monty Python sketch!

Article here.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Post Code Lottery - Not Just Health Care!

Health care isn't the only thing, which appears to be subject to a postcode lottery. The BBC points out that action against dog fouling varies from area to area.
It appears that Liverpool is where you are most likely to face action if you fail to clear up.
Thank goodness the BBC has discovered this for us. I had often been unable to sleep as I mulled this over in my mind. No wonder my shoes are frequently covered. I don't live in Liverpool!
The following video is really informative. I must also observe that, if we take the advice of the council operative to pick up, he will be unemployed. The age old issue; do we fail to comply and employ or comply and wreck the economy? You decide!

Friday, June 14, 2013

BBC News Highlights The Issue

The BBC has really pitched in on the subject of dog fouling and we thank the BBC for the material displayed here!
Interestingly, this site can really claim to be ahead of the game on each of the tactics suggested.
Shame People

Get The Public To Help
Send In The Poover
Go On A Stakeout

Use A Harness
Introduce DNA Testing
Take Direct Action
It has to be observed that, here at Dog Fouling And Red Rubber Bands HQ, we have already highlighted all of these approaches at various times but we thank the BBC for coming on board and we urge you to read their article here.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Cornwall Strikes/Heaves Again And Revives White Dog Poo!

As many of our regular readers will know, Cornwall and, particularly, St Agnes in Cornwall have frequently featured on this blog. Examples can be seen here and here.
St Agnes has come to the fore again. I don't like to single out any area as it could devalue property but, Polbreen Lane, you know where you are!
A concerned resident of Polbreen Lane has put this sign on a garage door:

I can understand why! The following deposit lies in the hedge just down the lane:

Further up the lane, we see some "benign substance":

Indeed, the village is awash! Many say that St Agnes is an old style village, caught in a time warp. As if to prove this, on the approach path to the Beacon, there was some white dog poo from the seventies!

Once again, Cornwall has it all!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Foul.......

 Well, actually, you can at mine if you like! I believe that, when we go, we immediately pass on to the next level and return to nature. I love dogs so no dog activity will bother me.
That said, not all agree with me as this letter in the West Briton shows. I am only left to muse on how it has all kicked off in Cornwall again and we thank Operative "ML" for bringing this to our notice.
We thank the West Briton for publishing this letter. I will be back down there is a few days and will be on the lookout for more material for this blog. I have yet to be disappointed!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Poop hot dog

I love all types of dogs, particularly hot dogs. But not if I have to pick them up from the pavement!

This next video is just for fun and just goes to show that there are people out there who can still find something new to laugh at when it comes to dog fouling !

Remember kids - if it goes on the ground - leave it there. The five second rule doesn't work around dog poop!

Enjoy :-)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Street Kleen Gives Us The Truth At Last

While I don't fully understand the ultimate point here, I applaud Street Kleen for producing such a magnificent quality video.
I particularly like the foul mouthed man at the end of the video. He really makes it!
All hail Street Kleen!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vital Survey

We thank Operative JM for bringing this survey to our attention.
We can say little other than please take the time to answer the questions.
I'm not quite sure what will be done with the results but let's not worry ahead.
I particularly like the question regarding whether or not you have ever trodden in dog mess. Unless this survey is open to babies aged 24 hours or less, I can't imagine a single "no" answer to this question.
In my village, getting your shoes covered was almost a rite of passage. The lucky ones had lino and not carpets.
Do please give your responses here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Dog Dunit

We have been contacted by our fellow warriors at The Dog Dunit.
They have invented an ingenious way of disposing of dog faeces without having a mass of flies around your bin. This is simplicity itself!
The device simply taps into your existing waste disposal pipe. You either scoop and drop or use a flushable bag to collect and drop.
Full details can be found on their informative website.
I do, however, see one drawback. On this blog, we have seen many examples of neighbours falling out with each other. Acts of revenge take many forms.
Imagine that yuour neighbour wishes to settle a dispute. Expanding foam down the waste pipe would certainly teach respect, not to mention cost a fortune in repair bills! The dunit potentially offers an easy access route for said expanding foam.
We salute our fellow campaigners but advise "keep that dunit hidden!"

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cornwall - An Escalating Problem!

Des Mennear and Colin Brown with the template they are using to paint on pavements in Tregony, as part of their anti dog fouling campaign.
Cornwall has featured too many times on this blog to go through the many posts again.
Clearly, it's getting out of hand! When I was young in my village, dogs roamed freely and fouled with gay abandon. It was an accepted way of life. Many's the time I've had to clean my shoes off!
Now, it's all kicking off in Tregony and we thank South West Operative "ML" for bringing this to our attention.
As reported by "This is Cornwall", members of Tregony Parish Council have used bright-red spray paint to send a message to people who do not clean up after their dogs.
Chairman Des Mennear and Councillor Colin Brown took to the streets to spray 'clean it up' on pavements around Roseland Crescent that are "prone to dog mess".
As Colin puts it: "The most complaints the parish council receives are about dog mess. It was time to do something about it."

Frankly, there is nothing like a spray painted sign to put off a desperate dog! Also, the sight of a sprayed message would strike fear into the hardest heart.
As Des tells us: "some people just bag up their mess and throw it into people's hedges." Perhaps this is a throwback to days of witchcraft and the need to ward off evil spirits and Piskies? What better a tool than a bag of dog excrement? Des states that he has spread the message on Roseland Crescent. As we can see, it's not the spreading of the message, which is causing the problem!
Total respect to Des and Colin. Read their story here.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bromley - We Warned You!!!!

Not 12 months ago (May 5, 2012 to be precise!), this blog warned Bromley Council of the error of its ways.
Bromley council had employed a firm to act as private enforcement officers for the council. Our warning can be seen here.
They didn't heed our warning and proceeded to employ this firm. This has not gone down well with local people.
Graham Shepherd with his wife Lisbeth in their garden with some of the rubbish which has been thrown over their fence

The lady above received a fine for dropping a cigarette end. While this is an anti-social thing to do, she and her husband ask valid questions regarding the general approach of the council to litter.
My only surprise is that she provided her details. If she had walked away, XFor staff could have done nothing! As Graham puts it, litter regularly gets thrown over his fence into his garden and flytipping is also rife near his home in May Avenue, St Mary Cray. Mr Shepherd, 53, said: “Should I put a bill in to Bromley Council for picking up their mess?" I need not repeat the full arguments put forward as they can be read here.

Suffice it to say that XFor appears to have gone bust! This is no surprise. Do we really want our local authorities to employ enforcement firms, which can only survive if they hammer people with tickets? I would really like to know how many aggressive people with bull terriers received tickets for dog fouling as opposed to passive ladies, who dropped a cigarette end in the town centre?

I will email Cllr Colin Smith to see if he can advise us. Until then, will Bromley Council rethink its strategy? I wonder!



Friday, March 22, 2013

Agent SR Visits Croydon

Croydon is a borough in South London.
Agent SR has been about again and spotted the pile shown below.
What would we do without him?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Musings - Colin Bloom

Colin Bloom is known to both myself and my colleague, Stamp It Out.
While this blog focuses on a narrow area in the field of politics and society, Colin casts his eye around many more social issues. Colin has been good enough to highlight this blog in his latest post.
When you read what Colin has to say, I'm sure you'll agree with me that, whether you take Colin's perspective on a subject or not, he is a decent fellow, who wants to see a better world.
We're with you on that, Colin!
See Colin's blog here.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stamp It Out

I post this video in tribute to my fellow blogger, Stamp It Out. No more need be said.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Love Where You Live!

Larkfield is a quiet area in Kent. There is an alley by a school near a shopping area.
I am sure that our older readers will remember the game of hopscotch, played by schoolchildren. To a degree, it has been revived in the alley by the school as, effectively, that is what you have to play to avoid the many piles of dog faeces accumulated from end to end.
The entrance to the lane now has the above sign painted on it as a warning. As if this were not enough, bright orange bags have been placed along the sides as a further warning to all.
Personally, I cannot understand young people today. This is directly outside of a school field. In my day, we'd have had those bags away and they would have been scattered the length and breadth of the school!
Come on kids, where's your spirit? 

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Streets Of Gravesend

Gravesend is in North West Kent.
One of our South East Operatives, "SR" went there this week.
He won't be going back in a hurry!
Gravesend - Heaving!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Would You Let Your Dog Poop In Your House?

Well the Youth Arts Group For Croydon wouldn't!
I don't really know what to say about this video. It makes the point about dog fouling but I have to leave you to decide upon the artistic value.
Also, it in no way allows for the fact that it can be funny to trail dog excrement into a friend's house. I do it all the time!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sus Laws: Have We learned From History?

If you are as old as I am, you will remember the furore in the seventies and eighties concerning the so called sus laws.
As an aside, everybody got the laws mixed up at the time and the issue wasn't with S4 Vagrancy Act 1824, as suggested by Wikipedia, which was not a power of search, but was all about the various powers of search held by police officers at the time. The main focus was in London and the real problem was S66 Metropolitan Police Act 1839 (on which little material is now available).
It is argued that stop and search led to the Brixton Riots and the subsequent report by Lord Justice Scarman.
Therefore, we have learned that stop and search is to be used sparingly in a proportionate manner.
It is fortunate that Hayle Town Council has learned the lessons of history. In response to a complaint from one resident, the council has decided that the time is right to empower police to approach dog owners and demand the production of dog waste bags. As reported by This Is Cornwall: Hayle Town Council has decided to ask Cornwall Council to amend its dog control order to give officers the power to check if a dog-owner has bags on them, after a Hayle resident complained that dog mess was a big problem in the town.
No longer will it be "excuse me, sir, please hand me that knife you're carrying" or, "madam, I believe you have a weapon in your bag". It will now be "come along, sir, get your bags out".
Let's hope that Hayle doesn't face the same backlash as that, which was experienced by London in the eighties.
Article here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Problem In Shitterton?

While this news is a few years old, I feel it warrants a mention.
Has it ever been necessary to deal with a bog in Bognor? Are special measures required to protect against the rain in Rainham?
I don't know but it is a recorded fact that dog fouling has been an issue in Shitterton! The Bere Regis Parish Council Minutes for May 2009 record as follows:
Village environment
Dog poo bins had been requested for Snow Hill, Shitterton, and Chalk Pit Close.
Shitterton - a great place to live if only for the address!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Decisions, decisions ...

OK readers - I am in a dilemma and I need your help desperately !!!!!!

At 6am this morning I took my dog Kipper out for his morning walk. As usual I was carrying my dog poo bags and set off on our usual route around the streets and thru' the woods.

Kipper stopped twice in short succession and did a poo. No problem, I used my bags and cleared up after him. Luckily there are a few builders skips along the route so I could get rid of the bags into them. He then stopped right outside someone's driveway and proceeded to curl out another poo.

Now this is where it all goes wrong as I realise I have only brought two bags out with me and now I can't pick up this one!!

Nothing for it. I leave the poo where it is and start to walk off. All of a sudden a woman in the house starts banging on the window, screaming and shouting obscenities at me!! Don't ask why someone was looking out their window at six in the morning in the dark and pouring rain - but she was!!

I didn't want to get into a conversation with such an angry woman and I knew she wouldn't let me explain I didn't have a bag - so I left the scene of the crime with her shouts still ringing in my ears.

Now here is the question - what do I do? I have spent the last few years highlighting such anti-social behaviour that I am now party to.

Do I return and face the music or alter my dog walking route, avoid the area forever more and chalk it up to experience ?

I am in your hands readers !!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

The News Shopper leads The Way Again!

Once again, our thanks go to South East Operative, "Julian", for sniffing out an excellent report by the News Shopper. By clicking on the picture below, you can read the comments of various members of the public, who have mixed views on the poster shown.
I think I like the reporter, David Archer. It cannot be coincidence that he uses the expression "played down the matter". I sense something of a kindred spirit in him.
What does this prove? Well, nothing if not that there are still mixed views regarding how to deal with this problem.
That said, I love the poster, it made me want to rub my shoe on my computer screen just to see if anything would come off!
Can You Feel Your Feet Slipping?


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Possibly The Most Vile Post Yet

I am a man of the world and have had to do a few stomach churning things in my time. That said, I was only just prepared for the video below.
If you do not have a strong stomach then I urge you not to watch it. My aim is to educate the world about dog fouling, not to cause our followers and readers to be ill, especially not if watching in their workplace or on a train! I well remember a fellow commuter heaving up on the train some four years ago. Thankfully, he returned later in the week looking none the worse for the experience but, like all of us, he could have done without it!
This video, once again, shows how dog fouling has become entrenched within our culture. Two generations ago, would anyone have thought to make a video about eating dog faeces? I fancy not! I also cannot understand why these young people have chosen to clear up in this way but it takes all sorts!
I have looked at this video a few times and cannot see any pipes or tubes, which suggest that this video is faked. That said, can it really be genuine? I just don't know. Perhaps our followers and readers with strong stomachs will leave comments regarding their assessment of the events depicted?

I cannot warn you enough, this is really bad!



Friday, February 01, 2013

Give a Sh*t For Valentine's Day

So advises the Streetkleen team!
This is all about raising awareness of dog fouling in a humorous way. That said, it also gives a clear indication, if one were needed, of the way dog fouling is now a deeply embedded part of our culture.
Now I regard myself as a fairly rational and balanced individual but even I occasionally feel the burning embers of revenge ignite within the core of my being and I feel the urge to communicate with individuals from my past.
Streetkleen will do it for you on Valentine's day. See the picture below.

This is a stroke of pure genius! I will have to quote them as they put it better than I could hope to: "A pile of faux pax excrement will be delivered especially to them on Valentine's Day, February 14th 2013. Delicately wrapped in a heart shaped box with a loving bow and accompanied by a personalised note or left traditionally anonymous". They go on to suggest a message (of which there are several!):

Roses are Red Violets are Blue
Sh*t stinks....and so do you!

All this for just under £30; bargain!
Obviously, there are some romantic devils at Streetkleen HQ! I think we have all gone wrong at some time in our lives on Valentine's day. As the day approached last year, my wife asked me if I knew what her favourite flower is. I replied that I thought it was Homepride and things have never been quite the same since!
I can say little more other than to wish success to this venture and hope that the legal actions are kept to a minimum!
Place your orders here.

Monday, January 21, 2013

I Went For A Walk In The Snow

All I wanted to do was to feed the birds at a local lake. As you can see below, they welcomed my offer of bread:
Birds Feeding
Sadly, even in this tranquil setting, there was no getting away from it. These pictures need no further words, I now leave it up to the reader:
Too Late For One Walker!

A Double Hit!

It Can Hide But It Can't Run (Well, Not In Freezing Conditions!)

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