Monday, January 21, 2013

I Went For A Walk In The Snow

All I wanted to do was to feed the birds at a local lake. As you can see below, they welcomed my offer of bread:
Birds Feeding
Sadly, even in this tranquil setting, there was no getting away from it. These pictures need no further words, I now leave it up to the reader:
Too Late For One Walker!

A Double Hit!

It Can Hide But It Can't Run (Well, Not In Freezing Conditions!)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Even I'm Not Sure About This.....

I really cannot work this video out.
Is it really an advert for a firm, which removes the bodies of dead animals (a very sad subject) or is it masking some other, strange meaning?
Why is the girl dressed as she is? What has dog fouling got to do with the subject? What are the characters acting out?
I'll leave you to decide. I must also observe that, as an advertising tactic, this video would only induce me to send faeces to the company rather than hire them (although, I stress, it would be quite wrong to do so, therefore, don't!).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The City Inn, Truro

The City Inn is my favourite pub in Truro. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is peaceful and homely with a nice atmosphere. See how calming it looks in the winter darkness:
City Inn, Pydar Street, Truro

The view from outside of the pub to the cathedral is stunning:
Truro Cathedral
Sad then that the spectre of dog fouling should now haunt this tranquil pub. Yes, that's correct, there is even dog fouling taking place in a pub, well alright, the pub garden.

This blog has displayed many pictures in the past. This one, I am sure, is unique and I challenge our loyal readers to find another like it!

Beer Garden Fouling Sign

Also, it begs the question, what if it wasn't an accident but totally deliberate? Would you then also have to clean up?

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Trevaunance Road, Cornwall Again!

Trevaunance Road has already proved to be a rich source of material for this blog. It has featured before here, here and here.
It will, therefore, come as no shock to our regular followers and readers that it remains a source of dog fouling, which begins to turn even my stomach!
Now I have seen many owners picking up in St Agnes and good for them! There is, however, still the owner of one large dog, who does not comply. Curiously, it is again in Trevaunance Road, just north west of the original pictures shown above but not as far as the pile on the hedge.
This time, the dog has hidden the deposit under some overhanging vegetation. I'm not sure whether or not we should be grateful for this as, in any event, I fancy that, by now, it will have stained a carpet somewhere.
The pictures below show the offending pile and also give an indication of the fuller setting.
The Offending Pile!

Pile Under Vegetation, Bottom Right

If your aren't heaving by now, I take my hat off to you!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

News Shopper Kicks Off 2013

Barnehurst has featured on this blog before, see here. The News Shopper has also combated the issue of dog fouling in the borough of Bexley. All these efforts appear, however, to have been in vain.
Clearly, Barnehurst is still awash. According to the News Shopper: not a single fine was dished out for dog fouling across Bexley in nine months – despite more than 100 complaints. A Freedom of Information request revealed between January and September last year Bexley Council received 113 reports of dog fouling but not one penalty notice was issued to the culprits’ owners.
Katie and Christine Melville with Blake Buist 15 months old, sister Kiyah, 5 and Claire Watts street coordinator in February last year.

This is bad news for the cause and, once again, we see a suggestion that CCTV is needed to combat those irresponsible owners, who do not clear up.
One of our operatives lives in Barnehurst. He is now on the case. Be advised that we will not sit back and allow this issue to go unaddressed. Put differently, we will not allow the matter to drop - we wish dog owners in Barnehurst wouldn't either!
It only remains to thank the person, who made the Freedom of Information Act request. Well done, you good and trusty servant, we rely upon people like you having the time and energy to do this!
Read the full article here.

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