Friday, March 08, 2013

Love Where You Live!

Larkfield is a quiet area in Kent. There is an alley by a school near a shopping area.
I am sure that our older readers will remember the game of hopscotch, played by schoolchildren. To a degree, it has been revived in the alley by the school as, effectively, that is what you have to play to avoid the many piles of dog faeces accumulated from end to end.
The entrance to the lane now has the above sign painted on it as a warning. As if this were not enough, bright orange bags have been placed along the sides as a further warning to all.
Personally, I cannot understand young people today. This is directly outside of a school field. In my day, we'd have had those bags away and they would have been scattered the length and breadth of the school!
Come on kids, where's your spirit? 


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