Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mess on a Molehill!

To some people, moles are garden wreckers. To me, they are living creatures, deserving of respect. It would even appear that their habit of creating molehills is not entirely negative!
It being Christmas day, I ventured out for a walk. I came across this molehill, which had clearly been used by a passing dog. While I admire this ingenuity, I can only hope that the mole doesn't seek to obtain fresh air at this particular point.
A striking act of Festive fouling!

Friday, December 04, 2015

Horrendous in Hong Kong

International Operative "AN" has been at it again. This time, he ventured to Hong Kong, where there are many issues to concern the citizens, e.g. the fragile democracy post unification.

Putting all such issues aside, Operative "AN" was struck by the notice shown below. If nothing else, it shows that the prohibition is on fouling "by faeces", leaving dogs free to throw up at will without fear of retribution. I applaud such thinking!

Dogs are even advised regarding where they can foul! The picture below shows just such an area. I understand the temperature is high in Hong Kong. I imagine that, on a bad/good day, the atmosphere by this reserved area would be a little high also!
I hope your dog can read!

Again Respect!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It's Still Foul in Florida and Heaving in Hythe!

International Operative "AN" has, again, been scouring the streets of Florida. Below, we see pictures from Clearwater Beach. This is quality and we again congratulate Operative "AN" on missing the trail and getting a picture of it!

Not to be outdone, I parked up next to this pile in Hythe in Kent. As can be seen, somebody has already put their foot in it! This clearly proves that the UK shares more with the USA than mutual defence. We share a desire to colour our streets as only our dogs can!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Not so Nice in Nice!

We thank South East and international operative "Lionel" for this contribution. It is simple and quick. He recently had occasion to visit Nice in France. The South of France is known for many things, now dog fouling. France has featured before on this blog, mainly around the Paris area. It's good to see that the whole country is following suit.
The ice cream spoon really does round this off and shows that, for the locals, this is a way of life!
This is a veritable feast of enjoyment, I can all but taste it!

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Fear and Dog Fouling

The following video demonstrates very clearly that there is such a thing as poetic justice.
We all like to play with our animals and, sometimes, the game can get out of hand and they can get a little scared. Scaring an animal isn't funny, as these dog owners discovered to their cost!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Thought We Were Bad But...........

Andrew Hawes (pictured above) has taken the battle to a completely new level. Now known as "The Turdinator", Andrew dresses in camouflage and hides behind hedges in Leiston in Suffolk, filming  offenders, who fail to clear up!
As "The Sun" explains; His original plan was to leap out from the bushes to confront errant dog owners, threatening to publish their photo online if they did not clean up after their animals. Now he says cops have advised him to stay hidden and they will prosecute offenders using his footage. He said: “The police say it is not illegal for me to do this — it’s just like having a CCTV camera — and they will look at any evidence I give them and may issue an £80 on-the-spot fine. My camouflage is so good, they won’t see me. I’m very discreet. People might think it’s a bit strange but all my family and friends think it’s great.”
I don't know whether to congratulate Andrew or get him onto a calm living course (see picture above!)! That said, I feel we can say with justification "All hail Andrew, the dog mess vigilante. Respect!".
The Sun gives more detail here.

As his fame spreads, the story has even reached Hollywood!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

International Dog Day

Ladies and gents, don't forget that Wednesday 26th August 2015 is International Dog Day
Not to be mistaken for International Dog Shit Day - which appears to be everyday judging by the state of some of our public spaces. :-)

Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Sign Craze Continues

We thank South West Operative "ML" for again highlighting the good work of the West Briton in combating the issue of dog fouling.
This time, we have the story of Perranporth mother, Zoe McEwen, who was so enthused by signs of the type shown below that she launched a fundraising page to purchase 10 of them. Instantly, she smashed through her £100 target!

If council approval is obtained, these signs will be all over Perranporth. I can't say it better than the article, so please read it here. Suffice it to say, I don't think 1,000 signs in neighbouring St Agnes would have the slightest impact so good luck with this initiative!
While highlighting the issue of signs, we would like to congratulate Thomas and Barnaby from Year 3 at Seabrook School for producing these two very fine examples. It is no coincidence that, whenever I think of my primary school and especially when I think of the staff, I, too, picture dog excrement!

Friday, July 17, 2015

South West Operative ML Revives the Rubber Band Issue!

Of late, news on the red rubber band situation has been overshadowed by the blight of dog fouling. we are, therefore, grateful to South West Operative 'ML' for bringing the views of Fiona Shenton to our attention. 
Fiona lives at Shortlanesend, where, it appears, the issue of buff rubber bands has exploded onto the scene. Fiona's letter to the Western Morning News (below) speaks for itself.

If you have ever been to Shortlanesend, you will understand that not much happens there. There is the odd, aggressive daffodil but that is easily managed. It is, therefore, quite revolutionary for Fiona to suggest that the offending items are returned through pillar boxes. This is the kind of forward thinking so lacking in Cornwall!
Fiona, we are with you! Fill those pillar boxes!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Agent AN Strikes Again!

International agent AN has again been scouring the fine State of Florid a in the USA.

This time, he brings us some good news. Florida appears to be ahead of the UK as regards the provision of attractive dog waste facilities. He has provided us with a picture of a bin that is a veritable work of art! See it below.

Feast your eyes on this!

Now here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ we we do not judge! That said, in the UK, this bin wouldn't see November 6! Agent AN, get back there on July 5 for a true comparison!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

All together now ... "There's dog shit on my shoe!"

I sat and watched the Eurovision Song Contest recently and was so disappointed when the UK failed (yet again) to get off the bottom 5 with their catchy 1920's single, "Still in love with you" by Electro Velvet. But it was only while I listened to it again did it suddenly twig where I've heard it before ...

Listen to Electro Velvet first and then listen to Anthony Lee and The Plastic Palm Quartet sing, "Dog shit on my shoe". Think they sound similar ?

Maybe Electro Velvet should have sung about dog shit which would have appealed to the European audience who obviously don't know a good song when they hear it! :-)

Monday, May 25, 2015

I say "Post Them Many Bags"!

Big Brother has arrived at Burnaby in British Columbia. Residents of an apartment block have been ordered to deliver samples of their dogs' excrement to assist in identifying a repeat non-clearing offender.
I understand where the management company is coming from but this does seem a step too far. That said, I advise all the residents to comply by posting bag after bag to the management company. Let's see who cracks first!
Residents, go to it! Actually, no, don't, I momentarily forgot that we do not advocate law breaking. Dash it!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gillingham, Your Signs Aren't Working!

We are again grateful to Operative AN for his tireless work in exposing areas of rule violation as regards the menace of dog fouling.
On this occasion, he has highlighted Gillingham in Kent, UK. Gillingham has got it right with the signage, as can be seen below.
Gillingham, we have news for you. You might have over 700 dog waste bins but you also have many square feet of pavement, see below!


As we have established on this site, there is no Dog Poo Fairy! That said, wait a minute, she is flying by!
Thank goodness for the fairy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stop! Don't crap in the street.

I love the Irish. When they have something to say, they just come out and say it, regardless how controversial it may seem. Take the latest public information film released by Newry & Mourne District Council in Northern Ireland.

Determined to use shock tactics to illustrate the serious health risk from dog fouling, the council has released this innovative short film of a dog walker defecating outside the town hall instead of his dog. The film has been panned by the public and the media alike, but council leaders are unrepentant saying they are "very positive" at the storm it has caused and "welcome the wider debate on dog fouling it has stimulated".

Carry on Newry & Mourne District Council - we are with you all the way! :-)

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Move over Beyonce there is a new girl in town and she goes by the name of GloZell.

GloZell is the biggest name, so far, to take a stand and support the fight against dog fouling with this catchy and very funky music video on the subject. If we were all to buy her single on iTunes then we could be looking at a #1 single.

You go girl :-)


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It Got Out of Hand in Boca Raton, Florida

Amy Goldberg, 57
Dog fouling, as we have discussed before, crosses all barriers of class and race. The Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton boasts 1,300 homes costing from $300,000 into the millions. One cannot imagine it being awash with faeces!
Appearances can, however, be deceptive! Amy Goldberg, pictured above, alleges that her 67 year old neighbour allowed her dog to foul the area without clearing up.
Allegedly, Amy could take no more and, allegedly, smeared said faeces over her neighbour's arms and face. This, of course, would be the only logical response under the circumstances.
We stress that Amy denies the allegations claiming she threw said faeces at her neighbour. Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ, we say "innocent until proven guilty".
There is, however, a clear moral to this story, namely; "don't mess with Amy!"
We thank North American and South England Operative AN for bringing this to our attaention.
We thank the Mail Online, whose full report of the alleged incident can be read here.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Crayford Town Hall

Crayford Town Hall has recently been renovated. It was, therefore, with uplifted spirits that North Kent Operative "DN" paid a visit to said building. What she found would turn the stomach of a hardened campaigner!

I can't really work out exactly what has gone on here. Acting on the assumption that this was produced by one dog, I have to say that I am torn between absolute disgust and total respect!

I can only hope that Operative "DN" was not responsible for the spreading of the faeces. This would have been traumatic and would, without any doubt, have led to nightmares, not to mention the bill for cleaning the carpet.

We thank North Kent Operative DN for this first foray into the world of dog fouling!

To use modern communication; #Respect

Slide on This!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Baseball and Dog Fouling

I think we have featured this one before but the video is no longer available.
We therefore, again, thanks International Operative "AN" for digging this one out.
Not being from the US, I don't know much about baseball. Clearly neither does this little dog. In any event, it saw grass, it saw a toilet! Simple!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to Avoid Arrest

Today, thanks to the ever active nose of Operative "AN", we are paying tribute to Maurice Franklin, 45, of Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA.
Having allegedly had a few drinks, Maurice brought himself to the attention of the local police. Understandably, they approached him.
Maurice then, allegedly, threw himself to the ground and rolled in dog faeces. He then, allegedly, presented the police with something of a unique legal point, namely that they couldn't arrest him because he was covered in sh*t.! It didn't work!
Maurice, we salute your  innovative use of uncleared dog waste. Perhaps all lawyers' offices should have a large pile in the corner?
If this goes to court, I hope the press attends and that Maurice continues a similar line of defence. I understand courts react well to liquid horse dung. Go to it, Maurice!
Full report in the Times Leader here.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Continuing the Music Theme....

I think this one is a cracker!
I can hear so many influences here, Bob Dylan, the Beatles and even a hint of Oasis. It also has a dreamy, Seventies quality about it.
Suffice it to say, it took me back to my village in Cornwall in the seventies, i.e. absolutely awash as, indeed, it is today!

Chad Logan and the Poop Bags - We salute you as brothers!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Musical Adaptation - You Decide the Value!

I've never before heard of Laura Marling but I have to say, I quite like the morose, melancholic nature of her song "New Romantic", please enjoy it below.

It does, however, lead to the question; "does this song deserve to be parodied around the topic of dog fouling". It's not really for me to decide, it is for you, our followers and readers!
Feel free to view the parody below and comment regarding your preferred version!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

A Cartoon, Music and A Doorway to a Strange World!

Dog fouling has now become an everyday part of our culture. So much so that there appears to be an ever increasing variety of songs and routines designed around the topic of dog fouling.
This little cracker introduces us to the concept of collecting dog faeces. While I find that to be somewhat incomprehensible, I cannot get near to the idea of dabbing a bag of faeces onto your face!
It's all here, sit back and enjoy!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Maidstone - It Isn't Getting Better!!!

Our regular readers and followers will be aware that Maidstone has featured here before. Clearly our influence has failed to reach certain dog owners in the County Town of Kent!
Yesterday, I only just missed this incredible pile in King Street. As you can see, not everybody was as lucky as I was. It has been well trodden down and spread about!
Another angle gives a downhill perspective.
I can only observe that this is very close to the PDSA. I hope the dog settles its stomach very soon!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Dartford - Don't Sit Down

Well, not on a bench in Dartford anyway!
Once again, we have to thank International Operative "AN" for scouring the streets and finding this nugget of information.
It's bad enough that the streets of Dartford should be awash. See the picture below, clearly the dog responsible was large and a little unwell at the moment of production. Frankly, I can almost smell this as I type!
That said, we are quite accustomed to the sight greeting us above. The picture below, taken nearby, is, however, something of a deviation from the norm. The angle of the shot adds to the effect of the picture. This is a public bench. What on earth has been going on?
I am grateful to the citizens of Dartford for showing us that, just as we thought we'd covered every angle, there is a new one around the corner.
Well done, Operative "AN", and we hope the stains came out!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

New York City - Cleaned Up?

Well, it might have been made somewhat better as regards robbery but the menace of dog fouling remains ever present!
Our international Operative, AN, has recently visited.
New York City  has a nice dog park, see below:
Dog Park
Do these marvellous facilities encourage everyone to clear up? I invite you to look below:
So Good They Fouled It Twice - Well, 3 Times Actually!
Operative AN, we salute your commitment to international affairs! Long may you travel, long may you leave the washrooms as you find them!

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