Saturday, October 27, 2012

Diarrhoea Rears Its Head Again

The subject of diarrhoea has hit this board before. The real issue is "how do you clean up diarrhoea after a dog? Is it fair to hold an owner to account when a dog produces a largely liquid deposit?
I don't claim to have a definitive answer but I do know that I recently witnessed such an event on  my estate. I was walking along with my wife. Dog fouling was the last thing on our minds (well, hers anyway, I'm always mulling the topic over to myself!).
On the other side of the road, a gentleman was walking his German Shepherd. The dog decided to let loose (literally) in the middle of the pavement. The gentleman approached with a bag, looked and walked off without clearing up. I went to investigate and found that the German Shepherd had added to a nearby deposit. naturally, I took some pictures.
While I have become accustomed to faeces since jointly managing this blog, even I felt those first tingles of a gag reflex in my throat as I photographed this foul pool of degradation. Prepare yourselves!
I'm sure you can take my point here. The older deposit at the bottom of the picture could have been bagged but how do you get rid of the upper pool?
To help you ponder the subject, here is a close up of this lake of Satan's sputum!
I really can't say anymore!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dog Fouling To Decide The US Presidential Elections

We thank Huffington Post for bringing us this story.
Jim Coniglione is the owner of Scoopy Doo, a dog poop collection service in Long Island, N.Y He has allegedly accurately predicted the results of the last three presidential elections. How has he done this? Simple, by deciding which candidates resemble the most deposits of dog poo.
He opts for Mit Romney being the victor. Why does he conclude this? As he puts it; "I think it's because of the economy. People are giving their dogs cheaper dog food and the dogs are producing more 'product,' and that looks more like Romney."
I can see little resemblance between the deposits shown below and the candidates but perhaps my view of the world is too narrow, you decide!

Jim gives Mitt Romney a "two-turds" majority.
Enjoy the video but visit the link at the end.
Article here.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bromley Leads The Way Again!

My thanks go to one of our south east operatives, Operative JWR, for this information.
The London Borough of Bromley has a recreational park called High Elms. Operative JWR recently went there on a dog fouling recce and discovered that the park is a centre of excellence in that it has cast iron dog fouling bins. An example can be seen below.
Even with this magnificent facility, we are sad to report that there is a bag hanging out. I would also be intrigued to see the consequences of following the great British tradition of inserting a firework into the bin. Cordite v cast iron, what a match! That said, we utterly condemn any such behaviour.
Operative JWR's dog saw the bin and was clearly excited by it in some way. Perhaps the colour, perhaps the smell, who knows? We do know that the dog aggressively leaped at the bin and Operative JWR can be seen pulling him away. Imagine the consequences if he had got his snout in! Dogs can vomit, you know!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Channel 4 Gets In On The Act

My thanks go again to our operative "The Sussex Avenger" for scouring the TV listings and discovering that Channel 4 is the latest media source to recognise the issue of dog fouling and, more importantly, the positive aspects thereof.
This programme has is it all; it has cow dung, dog excrement and powerful visual images.
The posts on this blog relating to the recycling of dog waste are too many to list here. At last, it seems as if the topic is being taken seriously in the UK. Here, we see cow dung being transformed into electricity on a large scale. Then, we move onto a bag of dog mess. It has to be squeezed into a container and then manually mixed with water. Frankly, I could all but taste it and I'm sure you will as well!
The crowning triumph is when the waste is used to boil a cup of tea. Tea will never taste the same to me again!
The Channel 4 website can be accessed here but why not just go directly to the video below? Afterwards, get practising that massaging technique!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Watch Where You Walk In Worthing

Here at Dog Fouling And Red Rubber Bands HQ we rely heavily upon information from our various operatives.
I am, therefore, very grateful to our South East Operative, known as SR, who has provided us with the following gems.
Worthing is, traditionally, a seaside, retirement town. People go there for peace and quiet. I can only hope that they check their shoes, shopping trolleys, buggies, wheelchairs etc before entering their houses.
These pictures tell a sorry tale of Worthing. They speak for themselves. I need give no further commentary. I thank our operative for bringing these disgusting manifestations of degradation to our attention!
 We hope you have enjoyed this slice of dog fouling paradise!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

It's Still Going On In Berlin

Berlin has featured here before.
The following video gives us a good description of a dog waste bin in Berlin. For those of us, who are interested in this topic, this is a really valuable insight into the German war on dog fouling.
"Woggyflush" clearly takes this subject very seriously and so he should!
I am particularly impressed by the close up video of the fly feasting on the excrement! If nothing else, this shows again that dog fouling is an international issue and that flies eat excrement the world over. We hail these creatures, without them the world would be a fouler place indeed!

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