Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Good Neighbour?

I think not!

That said, there is a certain anarchic quality to somebody, who watches her dog foul an area by waste bins and doesn't clear up. It's not like you'd even have to carry it any distance!

That said, at least it'll keep the flies away from the bins!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Spectre Is Haunting Lewes.....

....The spectre of dog mess! Now I'm sure Karl Marx will forgive me for borrowing that opening but this is the stuff, of which social revolution is made.

I must, at the outset, thank one of our South East England operatives, whom I will identify as "PF", for sniffing out this information.

I have often been to Lewes, I love the antique shops. I must be honest, I have never had to scrape my shoes off after a visit. This just goes to show that we are not always aware of our surroundings! Lewes is clearly awash!

Cllrs Petrina Klingham and Ashley Price
As many will agree, for every Ying there is a Yang. Here, the Yang takes the form of councillors Petrina Klingham and Ashley Price. These two determined people have joined the fight and, like us, are using their blogs to combat dog fouling, Ashley here and Petrina here. As Ashley is quoted as observing here, “Poo does not make any form of aesthetic contribution or lend artistic merit to the landscape.”

Ashley and Petrina are focused on Lewes Railway Land, a beauty spot. This campaign has reached a national audience on the BBC website here. The BBC is a reliable source of acts and figures. The BBC advises that 150 tonnes of dog waste is emptied from the bins in Lewes per year. 150 tonnes! There must be many times that amount left lying around. I wonder why the council isn't piloting the concept of powering lamps as seen below?

The people of Lewes have my sympathy. I went for a walk two days ago and skidded on a pile on a country path. That was bad enough but150 tonnes? No way!

Petrina and Ashley, you are looking at the tip of the iceberg. That said, it's good to see local politicians getting up close and personal and then blogging about the problem. This is democracy in action, there'll be one heck of a stink if you fail!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dog Fouling E-Petition - Please Sign!

For anyone, who might be unaware, the UK has a system of e-petitions. You submit your e-petition to the Home Office website. It is vetted and, if approved, goes on line. 100,000 signatures in a year could prompt a debate in parliament.

I have, in the interests of democracy and mending broken communities, submitted the following petition, which has been approved:
That the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 be repealed and replaced with national legislation making dog fouling a criminal offence with sufficient penalties to enable allegations to be heard at the Crown Court
Imagine the debate in parliament; "can I ask the honourable member if she has ever plastered her shoes in dog faeces? If she had, she might not be laughing" or "has the honourable member recently had to pay to have his carpets cleaned? This is a problem faced by thousands of families on low incomes".

I urge you, in the strongest possible terms, to sign this petition. Together, we can show that democracy works for the people and isn't there to enable individuals to have a laugh. Absolutely not!!!

Please sign here.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cathedral of Praise TV - Lighting the Darkness!!

Every once in a while, a shaft of light sparkles through the darkness! Today, that shaft of light is the Cathedral of Praise!

I have walked in the darkness for too long! I have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Exorcist and even Postman Pat (that cat is truly demonic!). Since watching these programmes, my life has thundered downhill! I now spend my existence in darkness and seek only to become undead, existing in a state of damnation for all eternity as I deliver letters while sinking my fangs into the necks of virgins!

The Cathedral of Praise has changed all that for me. I now realise that Coronation Street is a instrument of darkness - fornication, adultery, violence, theft and frequent parking violations! I won't be watching Euro 2012 anymore - too much spitting! But enough of my personal journey!

I must also congratulate C of P Ministries on the way they have weaved dog fouling into their message. This makes it relevant and pertinent to all of us, especially those, who have ever plastered their carpets!

Stick with the video, it delivers a powerful message and is worth it all for the closing sequence when the agent of Hades is defeated by the power of light - and dog faeces!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Park Lamp Idea Hits The UK

Gary Downie
Many of our regular visitors and followers will remember the Massachusetts project to use dog excrement to fuel street lamps.

I must admit that I thought this would only happen in the US but Gary Downie has proved us wrong and we thank the Mail Online for bringing this to our attention.

Gary was fed up with getting dog faeces on his children's shoes and stroller. Most of us would react by getting a cloth and a hose. Gary was having none of that and reacted by sinking £10,000 of his own money into designing the ‘dog stations’ with his business partner Christopher Dunn, from Ellesmere Port.

There is, however, a real challenge here. Gary and Christopher will have to collect 4 tonnes of faeces every day to pilot the project! I know the problem is bad but 4 tonnes? I can only assume that Gary has scoped out the business case and discovered that there is a locally based breeding centre for St Bernards. If there isn't, then I suggest that he gets a courier firm engaged as soon as possible!

The following simple picture from the StreetKleen site explains it all.

StreetKleen Bio Project

We wish this project well. The company is looking to employ 6 people. Great for the economy but I hope they have large shovels and a face mask each.

StreetKleen site here.

Mail Online here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is Society Getting Worse?

This blog prides itself on making meaningful social comment. This time, it's about criminal damage and fear of capture/punishment.

Some two and a half years ago, this blog highlighted the appalling practice of causing damage to dog waste bins through the use of fireworks. I condemned such behaviour then and I condemn it now! If you want to experience and share my disgust of over two years ago, have a look here.

As you will see from that video, this disgraceful act of criminal damage was carried out anonymously under the cover of darkness. A clear indication that the perpetrators knew that their actions were reprehensible and illegal. How times have changed!

Those, who would seek to destroy the very infrastructure of our social order now do so openly and without fear of detection! Is this really what society has come to?

Also, I am disgusted at the lack of professionalism shown by modern wreckers. Two and a half years ago, the bin went up like an Apollo rocket. Now, a tiny bang and a comment about the smell!

No fear of detection and no pride in their work! If this is democracy, I want no part of it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dog Fouling, Perversion and Law Enforcement

Debryant Banks

I have never met Debryant Banks. His mugshot above does not make him look like a comfortable individual. He is also banned from the campus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe, see here.

It's not for me to judge. That said, he is currently on bail for indecent exposure. It appears that a key piece of evidence against him is dog faeces! We have finally seen dog fouling helping in the fight against crime! The message to all ladies out there is clear - invite those dogs into your gardens and get them fouling under your windows. You know it makes sense!

A news report follows an advert below. When this man chose to break the law it can be said that, on this occasion, he really put his foot in it!

This episode gives a whole new meaning to the expression "you couldn't detect excrement if you were standing in it"!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Continuing The Music Theme

This time, it's rap. I apologise for the language. I warn you that, in keeping with much rap music, this song (I use the term loosely) makes use of the "c" and "f" words. While I don't use this language myself, I feel that I owe it to my public to publish a representative  cross section of available, dog fouling material.

So please enjoy this little masterpiece. It'll have you waving your hands in the air making "gangsta" signs, after which you can go and chill with your homeys. Yo, sister/brother, listen up!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dog Fouling, Music and Perversion!

If anyone had ever put to me that the combination referred to in the title of this blog post would ever come together, I would have rubbished the idea. How wrong I would have been!

I have a fairly vivid imagination but even I cannot understand how anybody could establish a link between picking up dog excrement and getting "turned on", especially when watching the clean up taking place! I can only make the observation that it takes all sorts to foul a field!

I also apologise for the vulgar and explicit content of part of this video. If you are under 18, please make sure you watch it at least 3 times! Lastly, don't complain to me, I am merely the reaper, who gathers the harvest of dog fouling material!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Attack On Neigbour's Garden

A fellow Twitter user has sent me this picture of her neighbour's dog letting one go in her garden. The camera never lies!

I have already given strong advice that posting faeces is illegal - don't do it!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Poo Poo Bags - It Happens!

The power of advertising is well known. This advert seems to be using unattractive imagery to sell its product. Quite honestly, it does not induce me to purchase poo poo bags, after all, I might end up speaking like the lady in the advert.

That said, for the first time on this blog, we will have a quiz. Please watch these two videos and see if you can spot the difference. The answer is below.

Did you spot the difference? One is in English, the other is in German. This once again establishes the international nature of the fight. I hope this lady doesn't give you nightmares!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Clearly Going For A World Record!

I don't know 6083pearson but I think he is a man, to whom I could relate.
I'm sure we all agree with his sentiment that dog owners should pick up. Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands we would not seek to disagree with this viewpoint. Today, this is not the issue.

I would like to congratulate this fellow on making a video at a strange angle. If nothing else, it puts a new perspective on the world. More than that, however, is his attempt to set a world record for the number of times the "f" word can be used in one minute and nine seconds. As it stands, he has to be the undisputed world champion!

With the Olympics just around the corner, there is a case for making this a recognised, international sport. Let's get to it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prank Calls & Dog Fouling - The Cult Widens

Only recently on the blog we highlighted the concept of prank calls involving dog excrement - see here.

Now while I don't approve of the foul language and abuse used at one stage, this just goes to show that the cult of prank calls and dog poo is spreading.

If you don't like bad language (as I don't), this might not be for you but is worth listening to as a snapshot in history, a comment on the moral state of society at the moment and, of course, a good laugh!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Strong Stomach Required!

Since starting on this blog, I have become hardened to the topic of dog fouling. Just when I thought that nothing relating to the topic of dog fouling could turn my stomach, I was proved wrong.

This is a very meaningful video, which promotes the values of cleaning up. We must thank "stuntdogguy" for taking the time to film the seemingly endless examples of dog excrement being produced. Are these his stunt dogs? I don't know.

I do know that I looked away from the screen more than once. I seriously suggest that you have a bucket ready before clicking on the play button. I will dream about this tonight, I hope you will, too!

Thursday, June 07, 2012


Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ we have been alerted to many responses to dog fouling.

We have seen anger, violence, disgust and even music. Here, we have poetry!

Now I'm no poet and have no qualifications regarding engaging in the writing of a critique. That said, I think this gentleman needs some help!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

CCTV Again - They Just Don't Learn!

This blog has now been about for long enough to ensure that everyone is aware of the power of CCTV. Has the lesson be learned? Well, it appears not!

Bob Furnard
Bob Furnad is a man of some repute in his community. Indeed, his profile describes him as Associate Professor at University of Georgia, Chairman at Faith Works Christian Fellowship, Consultant at Intelligent Media Consultants. He lists many other achievements. Strange, then, that he has no concept of how CCTV works!

That said, we have to take our hats off to this gentleman. He does as we have often light heartedly suggested on this blog. He gathers up his dog's excrement (as one should!) and then posts it in his neighbours' mailbox!

The "victims" will not be taking legal action. They have written it off as a prank. Good for them! The news article also makes reference to a CCTV capture previously featured on this blog. We also see a bit of criminal damage where a judge keys his neighbour's car. That's what I call swift and speedy justice!


Saturday, June 02, 2012

Subtle? I Think Not!

Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber bands, we have seen many examples of colourful and subtle signs designed to reinforce the dog fouling message. It must, however, be said that, sometimes, "route 1" is the way to go.

While out today, this sign leapt out of the wall. It is large and obtrusive. It is also in a car park so I'm not sure where the fouling would take place unless the very small area with some shrubs keeps getting hit like there's no tomorrow!

This isn't pretty and it isn't artistic but it makes the point and is worthy of inclusion on this blog.

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