Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Up the Irish !

I don't think I need to go on any more about how much dog fouling is a truly universal problem that continues to affect people in ever corner of the world.

Not to be outdone - we now find the City of Cork, Eire jumping on the "cheeky" dog fouling advert trail. You may need to concentrate hard on what the dogs are saying and listen to the clip a couple of times, but you will be rewarded with some cracking Irish one liners - "It's about the size of me head !".

Feckin' brilliant :-)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dog Fouling and Advertising

Now in the following advert, I get the concept of the anti-perspirant helping the lady not to sweat when she sees her ex-boyfriend. Even the song is moderately entertaining.
That said, I wonder why dog fouling is also the background theme? The lady is even seen walking off at the end with a full bag.What is it about this subject that causes the advertisers to contrast an attractive young lady with dog faeces?
I'm not sure but I am pleased to say that it is further evidence of the way, in which dog fouling has become deeply embedded within our everyday culture!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How Many Dog Poo Bags Do You Need?

Well, in the case of this lady, around 100 or so!
Why she requires this number I cannot imagine. Is it that she has a pack of dogs at home and has use for the bags? Is she too poor to buy her own when she's out elsewhere? Is she simply absolutely off the wall with a major bag fetish?
I don't know but I hope the possession of the entire contents of this bag dispenser brought her happiness!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Another dog poop arrest.

It looks like Police are finally catching onto how useful dog faeces can be in helping identify suspects of crime.

Remember the story about how the Police used dog poop footprints to track down a thief ? Well here is a very similar story that again shows the "power of the poop" in fighting crime.

In the early hours of the morning, Police in Austin, Texas, USA received reports of a suspect breaking into cars on the forecourt of a local car dealership. According to the Police report, there was a pile of dog poop by the cars which the suspect had stepped in and trailed from car to car as he broke into them.

A quick tour of the area and Police soon stopped Andrew Carreira nearby. Carreira said he was out for an evening stroll and hadn't been anywhere near the car lot. A check of his shoes and they were found to be caked in dog shit as well. This damning evidence led to Carreira being arrested and charged with breaking into the cars and he is now enjoying another visit to Travis County Jail.

Presumably he will be adding to his tasteful collection of tattoo's while in prison - might I suggest a tattoo of a pile of dog crap to forever remind himself to be more careful where he walks in the future.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Parks & Recreation under attack !

"He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a bag of dog poop at her." John 8:7

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cornwall, Repeat Victimisation and Heaving Pathways

As all our followers and readers will know, St Agnes in Cornwall has a reputation for stunning beauty. That said, we all know how deceptive appearances can be!
I have a long association with the village and have reported on said village on this blog many times. It is now becoming clear that I am being victimised because of my views.
I have been aware, for over 50 years, that the village is absolutely swimming in dog faeces. Of course, this is funny until the pile shown below is left on my grass verge. This is far from being the first such instance!
I shudder to think how big the dog is and I wonder if it is also responsible for this pile a little further down the lane:
I can't work out if the flecks on the path match the massive pile on the grass verge. There could be two culprits here!
Not far from this location is a path running up to the beacon. It is absolutely awash! The two examples below represent a small fraction of the total amount of faeces to be found sliding downhill.

As if to mock, I found the sign below on a lamp post at the bottom of British Road. It is clearly old and I don't understand how I haven't seen it before. Perhaps fate guided me to it after I encountered the piles shown above.

I say "well done, St Agnes", it's easy to see why there is a shaded area on the map through the link above!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Along Which Axis Does Your Toilet Align?

This might appear to be a bizarre and pointless question but, here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber bands HQ, nothing is without purpose!
Alignment has been considered by many over the years to be of great importance. For example, Charles Dickens always carried a compass and aligned his bed to the north, reportedly to cure insomnia and/or to improve his writing. That said, as can be seen here, while point 11 refers to the alignment issue, point 6 also suggests that he had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (something, of which I cannot be suspected!).
It now appears, however, that Old Charlie Boy (as we affectionately call him) might well have had a point. A recent study (and we thank North Kent Operative JK for bringing this to our attention) has shown that dogs align themselves north-south when they defecate. The researchers measured the direction of the body axis of 70 different dogs while they were off-leash during 1,893 acts of defecation and 5,582 acts of urination over a two-year period. They found that, under calm magnetic field conditions, dogs prefer to orient their bodies along the North-South axis when they poop. However, this behaviour did not occur during unstable magnetic field conditions, and the best predictor for this change of behaviour was the rate of change of magnetic declination.
I take my hat off to the people, who observed the acts described above. I would now really like to know what they dream about and whether or not they have received any  form of counselling.
I'm not sure where this study takes us but feel that it should now be incorporated into evidential requirements if an allegation of failing to clean up goes to court. I would suggest the following template for giving evidence:
...I always carry a magnetic field reader when on duty. On (day, date time) I was at (location). I noticed (e.g. the vicar's wife) walking (his/her) dog. I noticed that it was a (e.g. poodle). I saw the dog begin to turn around. Although I am not trained in canine behaviour, I could see that the dog was clearly orienting itself. I was in a stable magnetic field. I noted the alignment of the dog when it stopped moving. It had aligned itself along a north-south axis. It then fouled the (public place) big time. Although (number of ) yards away, the smell was awful and I could virtually taste it. The dog was visibly straining. This was no accident and was obviously conducted with the owner's full awareness as I saw him/her turn his/her head away, east-west, as the stench rose and hit everybody. He/she then left the scene making no attempt to clear up.....

Article here.
*Original dog photograph by Joshua Ganderson. Original compass photograph by Calsidyrose

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