Monday, April 15, 2013

The Dog Dunit

We have been contacted by our fellow warriors at The Dog Dunit.
They have invented an ingenious way of disposing of dog faeces without having a mass of flies around your bin. This is simplicity itself!
The device simply taps into your existing waste disposal pipe. You either scoop and drop or use a flushable bag to collect and drop.
Full details can be found on their informative website.
I do, however, see one drawback. On this blog, we have seen many examples of neighbours falling out with each other. Acts of revenge take many forms.
Imagine that yuour neighbour wishes to settle a dispute. Expanding foam down the waste pipe would certainly teach respect, not to mention cost a fortune in repair bills! The dunit potentially offers an easy access route for said expanding foam.
We salute our fellow campaigners but advise "keep that dunit hidden!"


The Dog Dunit at 15 Apr 2013, 20:31:00 said...

May I just add that all versions of the home Dunit range contain a locking mechanism. This was initially meant to prevent children from sending 'GI JOE' on an underground mission down the sewer! Although now that you mention it, it would definitely prevent those pesky neighbours using expanding foam also! Thank you for mentioning us, yours in poop! Eoin.
If your dog done it, use a Dunit!

Peter Arronsen at 15 Apr 2013, 20:46:00 said...

We are grateful for that response. We must manage the abuse of expanding foam at all times!

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