Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Possibly The Most Vile Post Yet

I am a man of the world and have had to do a few stomach churning things in my time. That said, I was only just prepared for the video below.
If you do not have a strong stomach then I urge you not to watch it. My aim is to educate the world about dog fouling, not to cause our followers and readers to be ill, especially not if watching in their workplace or on a train! I well remember a fellow commuter heaving up on the train some four years ago. Thankfully, he returned later in the week looking none the worse for the experience but, like all of us, he could have done without it!
This video, once again, shows how dog fouling has become entrenched within our culture. Two generations ago, would anyone have thought to make a video about eating dog faeces? I fancy not! I also cannot understand why these young people have chosen to clear up in this way but it takes all sorts!
I have looked at this video a few times and cannot see any pipes or tubes, which suggest that this video is faked. That said, can it really be genuine? I just don't know. Perhaps our followers and readers with strong stomachs will leave comments regarding their assessment of the events depicted?

I cannot warn you enough, this is really bad!




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