Thursday, August 01, 2013

Cornwall Heaves Again!

Polbreen Lane has featured on this blog before, see here.
I have just been back to Cornwall and am able to report that the same streets are still flowing! I went out for a gentle stroll in the sun and happened to have my camera with me.
I was not at all surprised to see that Polbreen Lane is still awash with the benign substance referred to here before, i.e. horse dung!
While I am somewhat shameless in my conduct, I was a little taken aback as a lady rounded the corner while I was making sure I had the best angle on said substance. Madam, I apologise for any distress caused!

Polbreen Lane leads into Whitworth Close (named after a much distinguished, local family). I saw a true act of kindness in that Close. Somebody had left out a plastic tub full of water for animals to drink from. Very kind in baking hot weather!
Was that act of kindness appreciated? Well, possibly but is it reasonable to repay such kindness to animals by leaving a massive pile of dog faeces right by the plastic tub as pictured below? Need I comment further?

The Rejection of Kindness
As an aside, I went for a walk along the pathway by the Victoria Gardens in Truro. I can only say that somebody in Truro has a dog the size of an elephant and no bags for clearing up!
Thank you, Cornwall, we salute you!


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