Saturday, December 28, 2013

Charnwood Borough Council Doesn't Muck Around!

Not according to their video anyway!

We congratulate Charnwood Borough Council on producing this little gem of an instructional video. I don't know how I failed to find it earlier!

I like the "don't muck around" strap line. It has a certain ring to it.

I do, however, feel a little sorry for the lady in the video. If she was looking to break into acting, she has seriously damaged her career!

Friday, December 27, 2013

"Sightseers", Dog Fouling and Death!

As we frequently observe, dog fouling is now an ingrained aspect of our culture. This is now so much so that it is making it into modern films.
Last night, I watched the film "Sightseers". Imagine my surprise when it linked dog fouling to a vicious killing. It also prompted the already many times quoted line "he's not a person, he's a Daily Mail reader".
The first video shows the confrontation regarding the act of fouling.
In the second video at 40 seconds, the violent consequence is portrayed vividly.
What is happening to the world?

Personally, I now see my membership of the National Trust in a different light!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Dog Fouling - A Permanent Solution?

A simple solution to the issue of dog fouling would be for dogs to use a toilet and flush it just as we do. "Could that ever happen?" I hear you cry. Well, yes it could and the evidence can be seen below!

Of course, this is just a fraction of the issue. What about vomiting? Well, the same applies but I warn you, you need a slightly stronger stomach for the next video. All I can say is, "enjoy"!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Maidstone - County Town of Kent

County Town it may be but it has no protection against an irresponsible owner!
I discovered the below pile in Mill Street on Sunday afternoon. Little can be said about this. I can only hope that it found its way into a deserving home!
Mill Street, Maidstone

Thursday, December 12, 2013

FIDO - Who Needs £21,000?

Evidently not Nottingham City Council as it has just spent £21,000 on a third FIDO (Faeces Intake Disposal Operation). 
 Faeces Intake Disposal Operation
This machine is capable of collecting 240 litres of excrement and converting it into slurry. This is truly heartening news. I can think of no better way to while away the hours than by collecting dog faeces in a FIDO! There is clearly room for two in the driving compartment. I reckon I could use one of these to attract the girls more effectively than either of the stars on Easy Rider could have used a motor bike!
I have to close by thanking the Nottingham Post for alerting us to the existence of "hot spot" areas. This is, presumably, a reference to locations, where the offending deposit is still steaming?
Article here.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Ireland Comes On Board

Joint Dublin Dog Fouling Campaign Launch
As we all know, Ireland has some difficult social challenges to manage.
It is, therefore, quite logical that those, who hold senior office in the city, should focus on dog fouling. We are completely with them in this.
I like to see nothing more than a mayor, wearing a chain of office, talking about gathering up dog excrement. This is why these offices were first introduced!
I also love the size of the dogs in the video, just imagine the amount they collectively produce per week!

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