Monday, June 03, 2013

Cornwall Strikes/Heaves Again And Revives White Dog Poo!

As many of our regular readers will know, Cornwall and, particularly, St Agnes in Cornwall have frequently featured on this blog. Examples can be seen here and here.
St Agnes has come to the fore again. I don't like to single out any area as it could devalue property but, Polbreen Lane, you know where you are!
A concerned resident of Polbreen Lane has put this sign on a garage door:

I can understand why! The following deposit lies in the hedge just down the lane:

Further up the lane, we see some "benign substance":

Indeed, the village is awash! Many say that St Agnes is an old style village, caught in a time warp. As if to prove this, on the approach path to the Beacon, there was some white dog poo from the seventies!

Once again, Cornwall has it all!


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