Friday, March 29, 2013

Bromley - We Warned You!!!!

Not 12 months ago (May 5, 2012 to be precise!), this blog warned Bromley Council of the error of its ways.
Bromley council had employed a firm to act as private enforcement officers for the council. Our warning can be seen here.
They didn't heed our warning and proceeded to employ this firm. This has not gone down well with local people.
Graham Shepherd with his wife Lisbeth in their garden with some of the rubbish which has been thrown over their fence

The lady above received a fine for dropping a cigarette end. While this is an anti-social thing to do, she and her husband ask valid questions regarding the general approach of the council to litter.
My only surprise is that she provided her details. If she had walked away, XFor staff could have done nothing! As Graham puts it, litter regularly gets thrown over his fence into his garden and flytipping is also rife near his home in May Avenue, St Mary Cray. Mr Shepherd, 53, said: “Should I put a bill in to Bromley Council for picking up their mess?" I need not repeat the full arguments put forward as they can be read here.

Suffice it to say that XFor appears to have gone bust! This is no surprise. Do we really want our local authorities to employ enforcement firms, which can only survive if they hammer people with tickets? I would really like to know how many aggressive people with bull terriers received tickets for dog fouling as opposed to passive ladies, who dropped a cigarette end in the town centre?

I will email Cllr Colin Smith to see if he can advise us. Until then, will Bromley Council rethink its strategy? I wonder!




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