Wednesday, July 28, 2010

National Poop Scoop Week Is Here - Thank You GMTV!

Grab It, Bag It, Bin It!

This week, 26 July to 2 August, is "National Poop Scoop Week". This is being heavily promoted by GMTV. I was getting ready for work this morning when my wife called out that I needed to watch the TV. I was truly moved! Suddenly, this most serious of topics was receiving national coverage.

GMTV has posted many interesting facts on its website. It appears that this is still the topic, about which MPs receive the most correspondence, yet still they focus on violence and acquisitive crime. When will they wake up?

The comments on the subsequent blog are well worth reading. One reader suggests that, before being allowed to have a dog, the prospective owner should have dog faeces walked through their house, presumably to heighten awareness.

Another reader from Cornwall raises the issue of dog fouling alongside the leaving of used nappies on the beach.

Uplifted at this media support, I set off for the railway station. The footpath across the fields was a haze of flies. This was because, as I walked, I disturbed countless clusters of flies as they consumed the many piles of dog faeces along the way. GMTV, we need you, we thank you!

Article here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer holidays

I'm off on my summer holidays, so I am leaving my sidekick, Peter, in sole charge of the blog. I expect to see our flags up to 100, with 50+ followers and over 9000 visitors Peter or you are sacked :-) 

Friday, July 16, 2010

This Isn't Funny, What Is The Matter With Some People?

There's really not much, which I can say about this. Local authorities provide dog waste bins to help the entire community. They aren't put there for people to misuse. Why can't people behave in a reasonable and acceptable way.

Speaking for myself, I have and use a toilet. I have done for some 50 years. Why would I, or anyone, feel the urge to use a dog waste bin? Well, this young man could answer that question.

I sit here typing in disgust!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Dog shit on your shoe ...

Ad agencies fascinate me. They use every means at their disposal to get their clients message across to the gullible public.

Remember Islington Council's famous "hot dog" turd advert ?

Or the French business man's "lucky" advert ?

Now a Philippine ad agency has taken things to the next level when advertising Tolnaftate anti fungal cream and God is it a level that none of us want to ever get to!

I've had athletes foot before, as I'm sure most of you have, but I have never had anything that makes me feel that me feet are made of dog shit!

This "award winning" and very successful billboard advert attracted so many complaints that even a Philippine Government spokesperson was forced to comment, "I hate foot fungus, smelly feet & dog fouling ... if Tolnaflate can raise awareness of all these issues then its good for the country & good for the world".

I wonder if Nike want to sponsor these trainers ? :-)

Monday, July 05, 2010

Watch Your Dog As It Defecates!

Pam Robson didn't. She took her eye off the ball so to speak and did not watch her dog as it fouled. Aware, however, that her dog was letting one go, she acted as she felt was right and went and scooped up some excrement from where the act had taken place.

She was then approached by 2 council wardens. Did they congratulate her? No, they issued her with a fixed penalty notice for allowing her dog to foul. She had cleared up the wrong pile!

Pam cleared up the other pile but it was too late and she received notification of a fine. Pam contacted her MP and a solicitor and stood her ground. The council gave way in the face of impending court proceedings.

Were they right to give in? My feeling is that she failed to comply with the law as regards this most serious of offences. It is, therefore, fair to say that she was asking for it but some might feel that the outcome was just but has served as a warning to others.

What do you feel? Leave a comment below.

Full story here.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Big Brother Watch Fails To Convince The Public

Big Brother Watch is an organisation, which would have you believe that it campaigns for your rights. Some might say that it exists to support hopeless causes just to keep the employees going but that's to be decided in another arena.

It claims a victory over West Berkshire Council but not everyone agrees.

This relates once again to the use of RIPA (The Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act). BBW seems to feel that it is outrageous to use CCTV to catch any wrongdoing. I must admit, I find that a little strange as the easiest way to avoid capture is to obey the rules but what do I know?
The most interesting part of the article is the subsequent blog. BBW is claiming a victory but all that West Berkshire Council is doing is pointing out that it is complying with the law. Our message here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ is, however, vindicated by the observations of Jennifer H who writes: "As far as I'm concerned, use of RIPA for council investigations of incidents such as dog fouling are to be roundly applauded. This is a very significant issue where I live and there have recently been several prosecutions for dog fouling in our area."
Thank you, Jennifer, you have given us the strength to carry on!
Full article here.

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