Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Love You, Man

Just watched I Love You Man with the wife and kids last night. Bloody brilliant!

There are two brilliant clips that use dog fouling to the best advantage. Both are set around the beach scene in USA - the first is on the beach and the second on the boardwalk.

Check out the different response of the star of the movie to the allegations that his dog just crapped - which way would you play it?

The pissed up "who gives a fuck" or the mad crazy "come and get some" ?

Enjoy ...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wrexham Council Mobile Phone App 'To Speed Up Response'

The application can be accessed while out and about, the council said

Well done, Wrexham Council, it is high time technology and dog fouling became more closely aligned!

Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ we were, therefore, naturally delighted at the innovation shown by Wrexham Borough Council. It has launched a free mobile phone application to provide instant access to its services.

Wrexham residents can use the Looking Local 'app' to report litter, dog fouling, dumped rubbish, pot holes and road repairs and anti-social behaviour.

Mobile users can take a photograph to forward to the customer contact centre as supporting evidence and their location is automatically identified.

I particularly like the idea of taking pictures and forwarding them. I am, however, a little worried. We all send pictures to each other by mobile phone, computer etc. I have a picture in my mind of cyber space being filled with images passing to and fro. Now that Wrexham Council has introduced this new app, I am worried that my pictures will arrive contaminated by dog faeces, which they have rubbed up against in cyber space.

Yet another unintended consequence of noble activity!

BBC article here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Going Undercover In Cheshire East

Undercover work has proved to be vital tool in the state's war on crime. Drug cartels have been broken, murderers captured, burglars jailed.

Now, Cheshire East Council is using the full weight of undercover work to capture those, whose dogs foul the land in contravention of the law. To be fair, they have tried warning offenders but this has failed.

Those caught by a warden will receive a fixed penalty notice of £50. Failure to pay the fine can result in the owner being prosecuted and receiving a fine of up to £1000.

Tony Potts, Cheshire East Council’s Community Safety Manager, appears to be on top of the case but I am left a little confused by the report on the council's website. It states that a number of "hotspots" have been chosen. Are we now to assume that prosecution will be based upon the temperature of the steaming deposits? If that be the case, what will the measurement process be?

We can at least be sure that Big Brother will not be arriving as "all undercover officers will carry Cheshire East Council identification cards". Thank goodness for that!

BBC. Cheshire Council.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dog Fouling v Graffiti, "Crouch End Cupcake" Fights Back!

London has to deal with violent crime and acquisitive crime on a sometimes worrying scale. London Tonight is a regional television programme, which has the power to report upon and influence attitudes towards all social ills.

In February, Crouch End experienced 94 notifiable offences but thank goodness the producers decided to opt for a focus on dog fouling!

It appears that "Crouch End Cupcake" (Louise) decided to take the law into her own hands and engaged in a spot of anti-dog fouling graffiti. The question is whether or not two wrongs can make a right.

Interestingly, she makes a derogatory remark about "hoodies". Louise also describes the dog fouling menace as "an epidemic".

I say; "Louise, get out there and draw those cup cakes on the pavement!"

Friday, April 08, 2011

I've Become Hardened By This Blog....

But this even made me feel a bit queasy!

It is often said that what goes on behind closed doors is a private matter.

Having seen this video, I say "thank goodness!"

For me, the point here is that dog fouling isn't just an outside issue, it can ruin the ambiance of a kitchen.

I think pitbulls are lovely dogs and, therefore, must also say "hats off to these two!"

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pooperman Strikes in Lincoln!

Hester Lacey at Guardian UK reports on the actions of "Pooperman" in Lincoln. It appears that this shadowy figure has taken to going around putting labels on piles of dog excrement asking owners to clear up in future.

While the actions of one solitary campaigner might be of little interest, Hester's experiences speak volumes. As a young journalist, she was tasked to run articles on dog fouling. She was overwhelmed by the response. As she puts it: "I received abusive phone calls from both factions: the ones that felt we weren't doing enough (were we meant to come and pick it up ourselves?) and those who felt our snazzy laminated campaign posters, which featured a dog and a steaming heap in a red circle, were offensive in themselves. The debate raged across our letters page week after week; MPs weighed in, local radio stations got involved and an entire class of schoolchildren each prepared individual projects around the campaign and proudly sent them in".

If nothing else, this shows that our campaign is nothing new. Hester's article can be found here.

The best thing to come out of this is the finding of another campaign song. This one is somewhat more gentle than some of the others, which we have featured. I'm humming it already and will probably sing it to my wife on our next wedding anniversary.

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