Tuesday, July 29, 2014

An Overreaction?

Possibly, possibly not!
Here on this blog, we have covered most aspects of this stomach churning menace. That said, even I couldn't produce a 6 minute 55 second video delivering what I would describe as a quiet rant about dog fouling.
Also, we have always eschewed politics on this blog. That said, we cannot agree with the concept that there is a "right" and "left" aspect to dog fouling. We have found that it is international and cross class and race.
I suggest you make a cup of tea/coffee or get a glass of water and then sit back and relax for 6 minutes 55 seconds as you enjoy this video!

Friday, July 25, 2014

What Would You Do If Your Dog Fouled A Person's Drive?

Would you enter the drive and clean up the mess? I hear you shouting "yes, of course!".
Well, that's exactly what happened in Santa Fe. A gentleman opened his car door and his dog escaped into a private drive and relieved itself. The man entered the drive to clear up the mess. The female occupied feared he was a criminal and called the Santa Fe police. Quite understandably, a police officer turned up with a rifle at the ready and pointed it at said gentleman.
All was well in the end, no harm done. That said, if that had happened to me, it wouldn't have been just the dog that defecated in the driveway that day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is Dog Fouling Newsworthy?

Some would say it is. Sometimes, of course, it becomes newsworthy without any action being taken to make it so.
Take the news video shown below as an example. Right in the middle of the news with no effort on the part of anyone (except, perhaps, the dog!).
The negative side is that nobody clears up. The positive is that the offending matter will be washed out to sea to join the whale and dolphin deposits abounding in the ocean!

Just before going to press, I read a post on Twitter from a Paul Martin (@ukcameraman). It appears that Paul is the very man, who filmed this. He advises that the dog merely had a wee into the water. We thank Paul for clearing this up. The ocean is a little more inviting as a result!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Of The Songs On This Blog Have Been Bad

That said, I don't think we've hit these depths before!
"Why post it then?" I hear you ask. Perhaps I'm not sure! I can only suggest that its value lies in the way it proves how dog fouling now dominates even the world of artistic licence!

Friday, July 18, 2014

We Haven't Gone Away.....

.....and neither has the problem!

We are busy, things are slow but look at this on a footpath near my house!

The battle continues!

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