Sunday, September 01, 2013

Brian - he'll save everyone of us !

I was watching TV last night when an advert for - the price comparison website - came on. In the advert a robot called Brian was seen to rumble across a car park and offer to help a man in his car save money on his car insurance.

Then it struck me - if the scientists can create a friendly robot to travel the land offering to help humans with their insurance quotes, then maybe they can create a robot that will travel the land offering to pick up dog crap for us instead ?

The reason people don't pick up after their dog is that they can't be bothered and are lazy. But a robot, such as Brian, never gets bored or lazy and would happily pick up dog faeces all day if we asked it to. Brilliant !!

But it appears my flash of inspiration came too late. The scientists from the GRASP lab at the University of Pennsylvania have done just that and created P.O.O.P S.C.O.O.P - a friendly robot (not unlike Brian) who looks for dog poops and then scoops them up.

Check out the video of the P.O.O.P S.C.O.O.P robot in action and imagine how clean the world would be if we could adapt Brian to do the same while at the same time giving us a good insurance deal on our car!

Enjoy the marvel of the technology we will all be using in the future :-)


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