Monday, October 21, 2013

Conservative Government To Bring Back White Dog Poo

We thank News Toad for bringing this matter to our attention.
As you will see from their website, News Toad has a very individual take on the world.
In their article relevant to this blog, they report that David Cameron has promised that a Conservative only Government would take Britain back to simpler times when dog poo was white and you could find some on almost every residential street.
This would, indeed, mark a return to a bygone era! They further advise us that UKIP party leader Nigel Farage has argued that the Conservative party is simply stealing a long standing UKIP policy and has warned Mr Cameron that the public will see through it. “It’s quite clearly a UKIP policy. As I’ve long been saying, the decline in lighter hews of dog faeces is the direct result of an influx of those hairy little dogs that they have in France.”
Labour, who abolished white dog poo in the late 1970s just before Margaret Thatcher seized power in a landslide victory, has condemned the scheme as ‘window dressing’ and ‘lacking substance’. A spokesperson advised; ”we would urge the Prime Minister not to look back at life in the 1970s with white dog poo tinted glasses.”
While the discerning reader will recognise this as total idiocy, we again have to welcome the fact that dog fouling has crept into the collective consciousness of our society!
Article here.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Total Compliance!

As you know, here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ, we want nothing more than total compliance with the law.
We, therefore, thank Shane Murphy for bringing this to our attention on Twitter. Shane can be found @shane_murphy.
This is a perfect example of total compliance and we salute Shane for his efforts!

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