Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cornwall - An Escalating Problem!

Des Mennear and Colin Brown with the template they are using to paint on pavements in Tregony, as part of their anti dog fouling campaign.
Cornwall has featured too many times on this blog to go through the many posts again.
Clearly, it's getting out of hand! When I was young in my village, dogs roamed freely and fouled with gay abandon. It was an accepted way of life. Many's the time I've had to clean my shoes off!
Now, it's all kicking off in Tregony and we thank South West Operative "ML" for bringing this to our attention.
As reported by "This is Cornwall", members of Tregony Parish Council have used bright-red spray paint to send a message to people who do not clean up after their dogs.
Chairman Des Mennear and Councillor Colin Brown took to the streets to spray 'clean it up' on pavements around Roseland Crescent that are "prone to dog mess".
As Colin puts it: "The most complaints the parish council receives are about dog mess. It was time to do something about it."

Frankly, there is nothing like a spray painted sign to put off a desperate dog! Also, the sight of a sprayed message would strike fear into the hardest heart.
As Des tells us: "some people just bag up their mess and throw it into people's hedges." Perhaps this is a throwback to days of witchcraft and the need to ward off evil spirits and Piskies? What better a tool than a bag of dog excrement? Des states that he has spread the message on Roseland Crescent. As we can see, it's not the spreading of the message, which is causing the problem!
Total respect to Des and Colin. Read their story here.


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