Friday, August 31, 2012

Totally Gratuitous Music Post

Even I am challenged around seeing the point of this "song".
It does nothing for the cause and makes no point. I post it simply as evidence that dog fouling is now all pervasive.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The power of the red rubber band.

Peter is absolutely obsessed with dog fouling - in fact any form of animal waste products if his last few posts are anything to go by!

He is a dear friend, but even I feel he is beginning to lose it. So, in order to rebalance the blog, I have included a post on my favourite topic - Red Rubber Bands. But this time I don't want to complain about Postman Pat dropping them or ask you to collect them - all I want to do is remind you of the hidden power a red rubber band has, especially when it gets together with its other dangerous little red elasticated friends!

Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys have done all the hard work for me. They took a water melon and then spent 20 minutes wrapping red rubber bands around it until it exploded. 

But the best part is that they filmed everything so they could watch it back at slow motion so we can all appreciate the power of the red rubber band.

I don't think Biffo the Bear or the lady from the Japanese game show knew just how close they came to exploding their own heads on live TV !!

Do not underestimate the power of the dark side of the band :-)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

St Agnes, Cornwall - Dog And Horse Dung "Street"

Cornwall is known for its beauty and St Agnes is an amazing example of this stunning county. Yet, behind the backdrop of stunning scenery, lies an undercurrent of dog and horse fouling, which would cause the most hardened traveller to heave!
Trevaunance Road has featured re dog fouling and horse dung. Evidence is that the village is awash! I can assure you that every pavement and lane is like a mosaic of different colours (of brown and black that is!). Even hedge tops are not safe!
There is a bridal path linking Water Lane with Goonown. I walked it yesterday. When I say "walked" it was more like "danced" as we avoided the various piles along the way.
Below are views of the lane up and down.
Up The Lane, Swimming In Horse Dung
Sliding Down The Lane
 And, of course, the main topic - dog fouling:

Dog Fouling And A Slug In The Lane!

Yet one brave citizen is fighting back! He/She has allowed the local council to affix signs to his/her gate:

Official Signs
And he/she has gone one step further by displaying his/her own sign. He/She gets away with it because it is in French. We will translate it as "Dog and Horse Dung Street". I leave you to work out the correct translation! We salute this warrior of righteousness!
Dog And Horse **** Street


Friday, August 24, 2012

A Report From One Of Our Operatives

One of our South East Operatives, identified as Agent SR, travels all over the South East. He is keen to identify hotspots re dog fouling.
He sent in the below picture from Erith, which is in the London Borough of Bexley but actually has a Kent postal address.
The picture says it all, you cannot flush Erith!
Heaving Pile In Erith

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trevaunance Road, Cornwall Again!

Our avid readers and followers will know that Trevaunance Road in Cornwall has featured on this blog before. It raised the spectre of horse dung here and trashed the philosophy of Karl Marx here.

At this stage, one might feel that Trevaunance Road has contributed enough, but no! On this occasion, it's a case of beauty and the beast!

Cornwall is a beautiful place. The sun was shining and I saw an opportunity to take the following picture from Trevaunance Road. To take it, I had to climb onto a hedge. Look at the beauty of this scenery!

I didn't look as I jumped onto the hedge. The hedge is above waist height. I just put my hands onto it and hauled myself up. Imagine my horror when I saw that I had missed the following pile by inches!

I congratulate the dog owner responsible for this! Beauty contrasted with baked faeces; oh the horror!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Over The Top? - Doggie Do Dissolver - You Decide

I can't really work this product out.

We all know that it is a serious crime to allow a dog to foul without clearing up. How then does this product help?

I cannot find any bye laws, which allow owners not to clear up as long as they spray the faeces with a substance, which allegedly dissolves said faeces and bacteria.

I cannot, therefore, help but feel that this product doesn't really achieve much. That said, the Doggie Doo Dissolver is a very innovative tool.

I still wonder, however, how your carpet benefits when you smear it with sprayed faeces rather than the raw article. Would the cleaning bill be less? I think not!

I also question their marketing tactics. We are talking about dog fouling. While this is a serious crime, I feel the following videos have gone a bit over the top! You need staying power to watch both of them but it is worth it in the end.

How does this help the fight? Well, if nothing else, it keeps the subject alive!

This video advert would cause me to avoid the product rather than buy it:

Be inspired by the next video. That said, even I can't get this excited about a faeces removal spray. Well, if the cricket isn't on then, perhaps on a very slow day, I might!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thank Goodness We Have This Advice Available To Us!

Like all of our readers and followers, I have often had to remove dog excrement from various places. I currently have a pile on my grass verge awaiting attention!

Were it not for advice of the kind offered below, I would be devoid of ideas regarding means of removal. The world is grateful to the producers!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another "Song" Re White Dog Poo

Now I cannot sing. Therefore, I would not allow anyone to video me attempting to sing, let alone video me and put it on Youtube.

The reference here to white dog poo appears somewhat gratuitous but gives evidence of the way dog fouling is now an accepted part of life.

Try not to self harm after listening to this!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Scoop It And Fling It!

We've had "Bag It and Bin It" and "Scoop The Poop", well now we have "Scoop It And Fling It"!

The video below brings it all together. A lady has a dog in her garden. The dog appears to have fouled the lawn. This, on the surface, is a responsible sequence of events. The lady can now bag the faeces and put them straight into her own bin.

Does she do that? No she does not! She approaches the faeces, has a look and then takes action. She fetches a scoop of some kind (all going well up to this point!) and she takes action!

Think of the choices; she has her own bin or she has the option of slinging the faeces into the road. A tough choice perhaps but, for this lady, no complex decision making process is necessary. She "scoops the poop" and flings it over the hedge into the road!

Now there is an argument, which states that the roads are so awash that one more bit won't be noticed. Here at Dog Fouling And Red Rubber Bands we say "unacceptable and a total waste"!

Surely it could have been posted to a deserving recipient?  This keeps the streets clean and is a form of recycling. Some people have no imagination!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Dog Fouling, Comedy And Everyday Culture

I don't watch "Weeds", in fact, I'd never heard of it before. That said, it is clearly a show, which is up to date with modern thinking as it focuses some humour squarely on dog fouling!

This would not be funny if dog fouling were not a constant blight of modern life. It gave me a chuckle before the final scene, which took me by surprise!

Do you ever have strange "Freudian" type dreams? I do and I'm sure you do as well. That said, in my most wild moments, I have never had a dream resembling behaviour such as that depicted below. I have been sleep walking in the past and can assure you that it isn't a nice experience but I hope never to perpetrate any act like the one you are about to see.

Enjoy and sleep well!

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