Sunday, May 31, 2015

All together now ... "There's dog shit on my shoe!"

I sat and watched the Eurovision Song Contest recently and was so disappointed when the UK failed (yet again) to get off the bottom 5 with their catchy 1920's single, "Still in love with you" by Electro Velvet. But it was only while I listened to it again did it suddenly twig where I've heard it before ...

Listen to Electro Velvet first and then listen to Anthony Lee and The Plastic Palm Quartet sing, "Dog shit on my shoe". Think they sound similar ?

Maybe Electro Velvet should have sung about dog shit which would have appealed to the European audience who obviously don't know a good song when they hear it! :-)

Monday, May 25, 2015

I say "Post Them Many Bags"!

Big Brother has arrived at Burnaby in British Columbia. Residents of an apartment block have been ordered to deliver samples of their dogs' excrement to assist in identifying a repeat non-clearing offender.
I understand where the management company is coming from but this does seem a step too far. That said, I advise all the residents to comply by posting bag after bag to the management company. Let's see who cracks first!
Residents, go to it! Actually, no, don't, I momentarily forgot that we do not advocate law breaking. Dash it!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gillingham, Your Signs Aren't Working!

We are again grateful to Operative AN for his tireless work in exposing areas of rule violation as regards the menace of dog fouling.
On this occasion, he has highlighted Gillingham in Kent, UK. Gillingham has got it right with the signage, as can be seen below.
Gillingham, we have news for you. You might have over 700 dog waste bins but you also have many square feet of pavement, see below!


As we have established on this site, there is no Dog Poo Fairy! That said, wait a minute, she is flying by!
Thank goodness for the fairy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stop! Don't crap in the street.

I love the Irish. When they have something to say, they just come out and say it, regardless how controversial it may seem. Take the latest public information film released by Newry & Mourne District Council in Northern Ireland.

Determined to use shock tactics to illustrate the serious health risk from dog fouling, the council has released this innovative short film of a dog walker defecating outside the town hall instead of his dog. The film has been panned by the public and the media alike, but council leaders are unrepentant saying they are "very positive" at the storm it has caused and "welcome the wider debate on dog fouling it has stimulated".

Carry on Newry & Mourne District Council - we are with you all the way! :-)

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Move over Beyonce there is a new girl in town and she goes by the name of GloZell.

GloZell is the biggest name, so far, to take a stand and support the fight against dog fouling with this catchy and very funky music video on the subject. If we were all to buy her single on iTunes then we could be looking at a #1 single.

You go girl :-)


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