Thursday, December 12, 2013

FIDO - Who Needs £21,000?

Evidently not Nottingham City Council as it has just spent £21,000 on a third FIDO (Faeces Intake Disposal Operation). 
 Faeces Intake Disposal Operation
This machine is capable of collecting 240 litres of excrement and converting it into slurry. This is truly heartening news. I can think of no better way to while away the hours than by collecting dog faeces in a FIDO! There is clearly room for two in the driving compartment. I reckon I could use one of these to attract the girls more effectively than either of the stars on Easy Rider could have used a motor bike!
I have to close by thanking the Nottingham Post for alerting us to the existence of "hot spot" areas. This is, presumably, a reference to locations, where the offending deposit is still steaming?
Article here.


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