Friday, July 29, 2011

Gwynedd Council Sends Dog Fouling Bilingual!

Gwynedd council has taken dog fouling to a new level, that of bilingual opposition! I don't really know what to say about this campaign. It is fronted by Peter Simpson, Streetscene Manager.

I get the impression that Peter's first language is actually English. That said, these are truly impressive and dynamic presentations. After listening to the English version, I was reaching for my scooper and plastic bags. Once I had heard the Welsh version, I was reduced to tears. If only Peter understood how to unlock his full potential as regards delivering motivational addresses!



Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dog Poo or Young People? Ask Melissa!

Here on this blog, we have frequently mused on how dog fouling is the primary concern, which blights the lives of citizens the world over.

This theme has not been lost on Melissa Knight. Melissa is a youth worker in Sydenham and Forest Hill in the London Borough of Lewisham. She has spotted that crime and a lack of opportunities for young people do not make it onto the agenda. She observes that she speaks to adults in an attempt to encourage them to donate £2 per month to help to create opportunities for young people yet all adults talk about on the street or at meetings is dog poo.

By way of protest, Melissa eats dog poo in the middle of Mayo Park. Somehow, I feel this is a spoof but it still causes that slight twitch in the throat as the gag reflex takes over.

Thank you, Melissa, you've once again brought to our attention the fact that dog fouling is foremost on the minds of British adults! Well done, Melissa, next time take it further, let's see you in swimwear smeared from head to foot!

News Shopper report here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red Rubber Bands - They Haven't Gone Away!

This site has campaigned long and hard to eliminate littering with red rubber bands -the true and insidious crime, which haunts our society. So far, however, it is clear our efforts have gone unrewarded. That said, there is a glimmer of hope as society fights back.

The Telegraph has kept the fires of the campaign burning reporting that "Royal Mail has spent £5 million in the past five years on the red rubber bands that often litter Britain's pavements". According to the Telegraph, Royal mail spends £2,840 per day on these elasticated embodiments of evil! See their report here.

Now, enter brothers Thomas and Jack Dillon and all their little friends.

The Mail sums it up as follows: "A New children’s craze is saving Britain’s pavements from the blight of rubber bands discarded by careless postmen.Youngsters have taken to stretching the discarded red bands around their scooter T-bars – to the delight of anti-litter campaigners, who say they are a danger to wildlife".

This could be seen as an opportunity for children to learn about keeping the environment clean as well as some healthy competition re who collects the most.

As usual, however, I can see a negative. As the article reports; "Television presenter Kirstie Allsopp, 39, whose children do the school run on their scooters, said: ‘The journey to school takes 20 minutes longer than it should, thanks to the endless search for red rubber bands". Not only is the environment affected but now there is a knock on effect as regards the education system.

Is it any wonder some young people become anti-social?

Recently, for a joke, I gathered up about 200 red rubber bands and put them through my neighbour's letter box for no good reason. Why aren't the authorities protecting people against that kind of behaviour?

Article here.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

DNA - From Israel To The World!

Our loyal readers and followers will remember that, some two years ago, this site highlighted an initiative in Israel, which involved the use of DNA to analyse dog poo. Refresh your memories here.

It has taken time but this idea has now spread to Australia and the following news article says it all.

Before looking at that, however, I suggest a quick read of the Public Relations Institute of Australia's Submission for Victoria State Awards for Excellence 2000. This is now an ancient document but shows that the dog fouling issue has long been high on the Australian list of priorities. I was mightily impressed with the initiative described here. It takes us back to nature and puts us at one with the world; I quote: "The second leg of the campaign was the release of dung beetles into Port Phillip - a first for Victoria - with the message that it was not an excuse for dog owners to get sloppy in their habits". It leads to a serious moral dilemma. If we clear up dog waste, we will be starving the dung beetles. This would not be acceptable.

Please enjoy the following news report.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Dog Doogity - I Think This Is Hip Hop.......

.....but I'm not sure. I don't know much about music but I do know that this is a very catchy routine.

Puget (US) and Plymouth (UK) are two places where you can remain totally silent yet see the sound.

The Puget Sound region is an inland area of the Pacific Northwest in Washington(State), which appears to have a dog fouling problem.

Martin Luther and Lola care about the environment. They care so much that they have produced a Hip Hop song and dance routine. As you will see, the dance required a focused rehearsal.

If you go to Martin's site here, you can even order a free scoop bag!

I don't think I can really add much more, I'll let the music sing for itself!

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