Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's National Poop Scoop Week!

It's National Poop Scoop Week. GMTV has elected to highlight this burgeoning crisis and reminds us that dog fouling is costing councils 22 million pounds per year! Compared to this, burglary and serious violence are of no consequence. GMTV launches its crusade here.

The Dogs Trust (to which I subscribe) even shows us how to gather it up:

I wonder if they have been following this blog as their ideas have a very familiar ring:

Possible Poop Scoop Week Events
Mascots – Poop Scoop Week mascots can visit schools, parks and target areas
Stunts – flag all the dog mess in an area to demonstrate the extend of the problem
Events – such as dog walks are a good way to unite the public

And who could resist this dog as it stuffs itself down the toilet?

Visit the Dogs Trust and follow their campaign. Remember: Grab it,Bag it, Bin it!


Phoebe Handrail said...

DOG OWNERS. Keep a plastic bag full of excrement behind the kitchen door. When you exercise the dog, take it with you to save collecting a new lot each time.

Phoebe Handrail, Yapton

Peter Arronsen at 24 Jun 2009, 08:02:00 said...


An excellent idea! This is a visible demonstration of the need to clean up. Thank you for helping.

Anonymous said...

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Peter Arronsen at 25 Jun 2009, 08:47:00 said...

Meaningful, thanks!

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