Friday, June 19, 2009

Plop Trumps

Kids ... are you stuck at what to get your dad for Fathers Day this Sunday ?

Then fret no more - have I got THE best Fathers Day present ever - and the best bit is that you can play with it as well.

Its call Plop Trumps - yes you heard correct. These aren't Top Trumps, they're Plop Trumps. Each Plop Trumps pack contains 40 beautifully photographed cards, packed full of scientific information, insider knowledge and exciting trivia detailing the facts & figures behind the worlds most popular animals & their faeces.

Amaze your friends and look oh so cool at school when you drop into the conversation that you know what a cricket poo looks like? Or just how big and smelly a tiger poo really is? Or exactly how much atmosphere-busting-methane a cow actually produces each day? Well now these questions, and hundreds of others just like them, need never go unanswered again.

Make your dad a happy man this Sunday - buy a deck today. Plop Trumps is the perfect gift - and all for only £4.95 plus p+p.


di at 22 Jun 2009, 07:11:00 said...

haha wow, very interesting.

Peter Arronsen at 22 Jun 2009, 09:33:00 said...

An excellent idea!

I shall now photograph a few of mine for comparison.

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