Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wanted - dead or alive !

I am really impressed by the efforts some councils are taking to raise awareness of dog fouling in their areas.

Liverpool City Council spend about £150,000 a year cleaning dog mess from the streets of Liverpool. Recently they invested heavily in an advertising campaign to appeal to the "neighbourly spirit" of the scouser and encourage the responsible disposal of dog mess.

I've been to Liverpool before ...

I asked a guy, "Where are you from?"
He replied, "Liverpool"
I said, "Sorry..."
He repeated, "...Liverpool"
"No, I heard you," I said, "I'm just sorry"

North Yorkshire Council on the other hand have gone for the wanted poster approach, appealing to the public's desire for a cash reward to shop a dog fouler.
Keith Parkinson, environmental health manager, said, "This man was seen to allow his dog to foul a children's play area before making off on approach of our dog wardens. We appeal to him to give himself up now before we come round and post his dog's faeces back to him through his letterbox."
"Where's mi whippet !"


Peter Arronsen at 11 Jun 2009, 22:31:00 said...

Is he hiding his face or avoiding the gut churning stench?

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