Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ellie calls foul on anti-social dog owners.

An eight year old Fife schoolgirl, Ellie Pattie, is calling for dog owners to help keep the streets clean by scooping up after their pets.

The primary school pupil decided to take action after having to dodge dog dirt on her journey to and from school.

Ellie said,

"I am sick of having to watch where I am walking because ignorant people cannot clean up after their dogs.

The council claim that people who let their dogs shit in public areas will be fined. It isn't working, is it? The streets are still paved with shit.

Today it is not just the streets. Someone thought it would be nice to let their dog squat in the middle of our garden. Yes someone stood by and let their dog take a big reddish brown shit in my garden and walked away and left it.

Excuse my language but how fucking perfect. The council are USELESS!"

Cllr George Kay said dog fouling had become a big issue in some parts of the town.

"In some streets it was shocking. It has clearly become a problem and I applaud Ellie for coming forward and highlighting it in a way that only an eight year old from Fife knows how."


Peter Arronsen at 10 Jun 2009, 20:38:00 said...

It's a really sad indictment that we allow the situation to get so bad that a young girl feels compelled to use such disgusting language.

Surely this will make those in authority sit up and listen!

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