Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Poop Detective

Some carry out their crimes under the cover of darkness; some blatantly in the middle of the day, right before your eyes. When the crime is done they casually turn and walk away.

Who are these criminals?
They are our neighbours, our friends, our family members.

These dog-owning poopetrators are unashamed to mess with our lives. They feel no remorse, they know what they are doing and scoff at the laws and rules that were designed to protect all citizens.

As is often the case with crimes against others, it takes one brave soul to make a stand. Dave Bulleshat is that man. He is the Poop Detective. A highly trained professional, the Poop Detective uses investigative skills, tools and techniques, as well his own experience and instincts, to track, capture and bring offenders to justice.

"He has a god given talent, a real nose for what he does. He's patient, relentless and crafty," says federal prosecutor Eugene Naillum, "Street by street, park by park, city by city, he makes it safe for us to walk barefoot again. He is an all American hero."

In the messy, stinky world we live in, we should all be thankful for the influence of Dave Bulleshat!


Mizzholborow at 21 Jun 2009, 17:22:00 said...

A brilliant career option has just occured to me... haha! When I was looking for original blogs, yours certainly lived up to that!
Thanks for your comment...have changed those annoying dots now too!!


Peter Arronsen at 25 Jun 2009, 09:07:00 said...

Hope to se you back on our crusade!

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