Thursday, June 25, 2009

Andy Murray's Success and Anti-Dog Fouling Action

Can Andy Murray's success be linked to anti-dog fouling activities?

As we know, Andy is from Dunblane. The attack on dog fouling there was underway as far back as 2004. The Dublane Web of September that year notes:

A year ago, footpaths were overgrown, there were significant litter and dog fouling problems, most of the public open spaces were in a poor state of neglect....putting extra effort into Dunblane now means substantial and permanent improvement and that is motivating people into making that extra effort.

Full report here.

The message is simple, clear it up and make Britain great again!

Therefore, if we fill Wembly with dog faeces now, then immediately begin the clear up campaign, the World Cup will be in the bag!


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