Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It Isn't Just Dogs

Many thanks to Debbie Hewitt for alerting us to the problems caused by horses. She is so affected that she has written to the Galloway Gazette as follows

Horses depositing hazard for cyclists

I WAS disgusted on Sunday morning when I went out training on my road bike. The amount of horse dung on the cycle route between Blackcraig and New Galloway Road was appalling.
I had to swerve to avoid riding through it, particuarly at the beginning of the cycle route at Blackcraig.
There were walkers about with dogs and they, too, had to watch where they were stepping. If a dog had fouled the footpath there would have been uproar as there has been before.
I do not have a dog or a horse so I am not biased in any way. The footpath is for the public, not just for horses. It could pose a health hazard!
I feel it would be common courtesy to clear away the mess when horses have been out, as dog owners have to.

Debbie Hewitt

Thank you, Debbie, this has given us a new perspective on the problem!

This has prompted me to hire a horse for the weekend.

See Debbie's letter here.


Belly Laugh said...

Is she saying that dogs had to watch where they were stepping?
At last the dogs are on the defensive !!! LOL

Peter Arronsen at 18 Jun 2009, 22:35:00 said...

It's good to see a point being made like this. I think I will paint horse dung onto the feet of my neighbour's dog. That will raise the profile of the debate!

liam o'brien at 2 Sept 2009, 00:47:00 said...

yes this is right. I was driving here in the u.k down some country lanes the other week, and there were massive horse craps all over the place. Horse shite is 50 times bigger than dog shite, yet it seems ok to let your horse do it all over the path and roads.This is mad

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