Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Make my world ohne scheiss.

I am often struck at the lengths some people go to "highlighting" the dangers of dog fouling to the rest of the world.

I have already discussed Sherwood Forest Community Ranger John Wood and his fetish with spray painting dog faeces fluorescent pink for the good of mankind. But now there is a street artist in Berlin called Alejandro Lecuna who is running the Ohne Scheiss Project or the Without Shit Project.

Alejandro says his project is "a grass-roots effort focused on arousing solidarity between pedestrians to help them overcome the dog shit left by some Berliner dog owners."
So how is this doggy-doo-grass-roots-solidarity attained?

Basically, it works by having people buy his sticker pack (for only €10 inc p+p!!) and then sticking one of the fancy shaped stickers around any dog crap they find on their travels to make others aware that there is a "dog mess danger" ahead.

The pack has a number designs designed to reflect the type of dog mess you have discovered and your mood for the day - including : Holyshit, Hotshit, Dirtyshit and shit.

Comments please on how to tell the difference between a holy, hot & dirty shit !?!?


Peter Arronsen at 16 Jun 2009, 22:25:00 said...

I would prefer to see these stickers actually hide the dogs' mess. That way, people would step in it and that would force a more aggressive reaction.

This is a missed opportunity!

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