Monday, June 22, 2009

Dog fouling around the world.

The best bit about writing for a dog fouling blog is that I have an excuse to spend hours on the internet researching my favourite subject.

One of the best bits is discovering how other countries try and stop dog mess hitting their streets.

Some use expensive TV & cinema adverts while other prefer the more subtle street sign to raise awareness.

Japan and her Asian neighbours love using "happy pooping dogs" and "cheery poop collecting children" in their signs. Their attempts at an English translation only adds to their charm.

In Argentina standing in a steaming pile is considered very lucky and dog fouling is positively relished by the locals for this reason. Official signs are very rare - with the authorities tending to blend signs into the background with subtle street art & stencilling.

The British on the other hand prefer the polite approach. Requesting that owners scoop their dogs mess - after all it's damned "inconsiderate" not to!

How very British.

But you can always rely on America to do it the only way that they know best ...


Nunekhiia at 24 Jun 2009, 23:30:00 said...

actually i live in argentina at the moment, buenos aires, and dog fouling is everywhere ewwwww ! they might have art in the walls, but no one seem to care, i rather have those british signs , keeping people scared and pickin up the poo than having just a polite drawing that no one pays attention :S really, its not nice to walk at nite and step on one of those!

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