Sunday, May 24, 2009

1,000 Tonnes in the UK Per Day

Many thanks to Purbeck District Council for this information and the fascinating insight into the problem explained here.

1,000 tonnes is phenomenal. Well one to the UK!


Stamp It Out at 24 May 2009, 19:15:00 said...

I love the quote, "Dog waste is not only an extremely unpleasant and unwelcome commodity ..."

Now they are saying that dog faeces is a commodity - does that mean it will start being traded on the Stock Market alongside gold, silver, pork bellies & OJ ????

Peter Arronsen at 25 May 2009, 08:12:00 said...

If we could turn this to profit, the world would be a better place!

Corey Miller said...

Why not just train your dog correctly?
My dog will not use the bathroom during a walk. We potty before we leave and after we get back.

Peter Arronsen at 25 May 2009, 15:35:00 said...


That is an excellent idea. What do you do as regards final disposal?

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