Sunday, May 10, 2009

Don’t get radicalised, get even ...

I can sense that Peter is becoming frustrated at the lack of acknowledgement he is receiving from the British authorities that dog fouling is a real problem. He has resorted to more & more radical terrorist tactics to drive the message into the very homes he visits.

This sort of behaviour is not unusual when the cause is seen as just and right. To sacrifice an innocent homeowners beige coloured Allied Carpets pure wool carpet is a small price to pay to further the anti-dog fouling cause.

Peter is an angry man - and if anyone has ever stood in a dog faeces, then they have every right to be angry.

If we do nothing - then nothing will ever change. Who is going to provide us with the change we need ?

The answer is Habitat.


Peter Arronsen at 11 May 2009, 22:44:00 said...

Well said, Stamp It Out!

As a wise person once observed, "if things don't change, they are going to stay the same", and let nobody dispute that!

Full marks to the person in the video, I can see much of myself in him, especially his shoes!

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