Thursday, May 21, 2009

Think of all the animals.

I have tried so hard to raise public awareness of the dangers of red rubber bands. I have highlighted the risk they are to latex allergy sufferers, the litter problems they cause and the upset they are to local communities - but still I am mocked & ridiculed.
So now I appeal to the animal loving public of Britain when I say - "red rubber bands are a risk to our animals".

A recent article in the Canadian Museum of Nature web site first raised concerns at the problems red rubber bands were causing their indigenous wildlife.

"One unexpected detrimental factor to sturgeon survival is discarded red rubber bands used by Canada Post to bind mail. These are washed through storm sewers into the St. Lawrence River where they become threaded onto the pointed snouts of sturgeon. The rubber bands become embedded in the sturgeon's head, interfere with feeding and leave the fish open to infection. Sturgeon with red rubber bands weigh one-third less than normal."

Another very sad story told of the plight of a young duck that was left to choke to death after getting a red rubber band tangled around its neck.

I don't care if you ignore the Nazi Postman Pat, ignore the red rubber band collections, ignore the littering by our postmen, ignore the little old ladies who collect red rubber bands or ignore the suffering of the latex allergy sufferers - but I appeal to you, please do not ignore the suffering caused to the fish & the ducks.


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