Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Postman Pat is a Nazi

Recently unearthed in the research files of the late great Nazi Hunter, Simon Wiesenthal, is this 1943 photograph of Briefträger-Klaps aka Postman Pat during a Hitler Youth rally.

It was rumoured that Briefträger-Klaps was the driving force behind the introduction of red rubber bands to the German Post Office during the 1930's and that he was Hitler's No:1 advisor in all things elasticated during WW2.
Briefträger-Klaps experiments on Allied POW's with latex allergies using red rubber bands, is acknowledged by today's scientists as ground breaking research. Obviously these experiments are forbidden in todays civilized society.
Never far from his sidekick, Jess die Schwarzweiss-Katze aka Jess the black & white cat, the two of them disappeared after the war only to resurface in the 1990's, this time rebranded as a friendly duo - but still retaining their unhealthy interest in red rubber bands.

Simon Wiesenthal's dying wish was for Postman Pat & his red rubber bands to be brought to justice.

I hope that this blog goes some small way in doing just that.


Peter Arronsen at 20 May 2009, 22:38:00 said...

This is a very clear indication of the depth of the problem. We have all sat back and allowed this behaviour to go unchecked. Is it any wonder that our Parliament is falling apart? I hope that the new Speaker gets to grips with this.

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