Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fighting For A Turd Free Toulouse

"C’est beaucoup trop!", said the Mairie de Toulouse, after it was reported that five tonnes of dog faeces are dropped on the streets, pavements & parks of Toulouse every day, of every week, of every year.

Five tonnes is, by any measure, a sizable quantity of turd.

Take a minute. Sit back. Visualise it. F-i-v-e t-o-n-n-e-s!

While the figure itself is unsurprising - France is filthy after all - I am more than curious to know who did the counting.

The Mairie has produced a great Wallace & Grommitesque "It's raining turds" video to promote the campaign to clean up Toulouse.

It started airing in French cinemas and on the France 3 Sud channel this week.

Dog fouling is truly a worldwide problem.


Peter Arronsen at 28 May 2009, 20:33:00 said...

There are many streets, where this would be a just response to the circumstances.

That said, if it affected me, it would be wrong and, therefore, we must do all we can to eliminate this proliferation of filth!

Matt Webb said...

A MALT LOAF is just the right size and colour to sculpt a convincing pair of decent-sized dog turds. Don't forget to taper one end.

Peter Arronsen at 28 May 2009, 21:08:00 said...


Thanks for that. Can you advise us regarding what we would do with the end product?

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