Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Band together ...

I was beginning to become disillusioned with the whole anti red rubber band campaign thing. The Royal Mail were refusing to answer my letters & the comments on the blog were becoming just plain silly.

Then I was contacted by Gersh Kuntzman - a reporter from The Brooklyn Paper. He pointed me in the direction of his campaign to rid the streets of New York of rubber bands.

Ok - they aren't red rubber bands - the American Post Office uses grey rubber bands - but the principle is the same.

In the words of Gersh Kuntzman, "The invasion of the rubber bands continues unabated ..."

Well not in the UK it doesn't Gersh baby - unite with us and together our two great super powers can rid this planet of the scourge of the rubber band.


Gersh Kuntzman said...

Excellent! Good work.

The Brooklyn Paper
NOTE NEW EMAIL: gkuntzman@cnglocal.com
NOTE NEW PHONE: (718) 260-4504

NOTE SAME GREAT NEWSPAPER: The Brooklyn Paper at http://www.brooklynpaper.com

Peter Arronsen at 5 May 2009, 22:08:00 said...


Great to see you here. Pehaps we can truly apply some international pressure regarding this situation.

Have you developed any form of Strategy in Brooklyn? Having been to New York City, I would hate to see your beautiful city ending up like the suburbs of British cities, awash with this elasticated menace!

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