Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A balanced view ...

Our inbox has been full of messages of support from around the world on our campaign to rid our streets of the elasticated red devil.
But it is only right that I include some views of those who see the rubber bands as their friends and positively encourage their existence.
Colin Boocock - Derby, UK writes, "SIR – I must protest at your move to ban postmen from dropping red rubber bands in the street. I find this a valuable free source of quality bands.
They are far better than those bought in stationers’ shops – strong, flexible and long-lasting. Long may they continue to be harvested."
Stephen Appleby - Kendal, Cumbria, UK states, "SIR – I collect and use red rubber bands to bundle junk mail, which I repost to avoid a fine for overloading my wheelie bin. "
While Miss Primrose Peacock - Truro, Cornwall, UK pleads, "SIR – The red rubber bands are not just useful office supplies: they have also been included in medical aid kits to Albania.
Please, Royal Mail, ignore busybody suggestions made by The Dog Fouling & Red Rubber Band Blog Team."
We are nothing, if not balanced in our views & encourage other rubber band sympathisers to leave their comments.
Please remember to include your full name, address & postcode so we can send you our information leaflet - "Red Rubber Bands - Friend or Foe?"


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