Monday, May 18, 2009

Excuse me, could you pick that up please ?

I was walking up the high street with my wife the other day when suddenly she grabbed me by the arm and screamed, "Stop!"

Am I about to walk into a lamppost ?
Am I about to be run down by an out of control car ?

"No", she replied, pointing to an unfeasibly large, freshly laid dog faeces laying in wait. "Watch your feet". A narrow escape.

Is it just me, or are we British spending more and more time watching our feet ?

With over 1000 tonnes of excrement hitting the pavements every day, we need to become more attuned to the problem.

So would you ask someone to pick up their dogs mess ?

Most people just ignore it or turn the other way. We British are far too polite to say anything and often resort to giving the offender a "Paddington Bear Stare" to make sure they know they have met with our disapproval.

There are some horror stories where a polite request to, "please pick up your dog poo", has resulted in verbal abuse, injury and even death.

With that in mind I think I have found an item that not only allows you to pick up dog mess but also protects you should things turn nasty while walking your dog.

Once fitted with a plastic bag, the Swooper Scooper becomes an ingenious implement to quickly pick up and dispose of dog mess in one smooth motion - so far so good.

But should another dog walker start to kick off and object to the tone of your request to pick up his own dog poo - then the Swooper Scooper really comes into its own.

A quick press of a button and the plastic blades instantly retract, leaving you with a handy cosh that swings the odds of surviving that late night dog fouling fight firmly in your favour.

I've started taking mine out with me to the pub at the weekend to help hammer home my dog fouling views.


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