Saturday, January 14, 2012

Signs In Essex - That'll Stop Them!

Many thanks to our Essex followers for bringing the issue of home made signs to our attention. As far back as November 2010, the Friends of Concord Beach were producing their own anti-fouling signs. A good example is shown above. It has to be said that this sign is amusing and might strike a chord with some dog walkers. Article here.

Clearly, the streets of Essex are still running with excrement. Councillors Beverley Davies and Sue Lissimore have taken up the Essex theme of producing their own signs.

I have always held to the view that, if there is an existing model, feel free to borrow it with pride (plagiarise!). Beverley and Sue clearly don't follow this line of thinking as they have come up with a new sign. As you can see below, their home-made sign has all the impact that a mass of words on a piece of paper can have. I really can't imagine anyone taking the time to read it. That said, at least it will give younger dog walkers something, upon which they can practice their graffiti.

The best part of the picture is Sue's dog, which appears to be plaintively looking at Sue saying "mummy, can I please be excused"?

Let's hope that Sue and Beverley are better at politics than they are at sign writing. That said, we thank them for joining the fight.

Article here.


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