Sunday, January 01, 2012

Horse Dung v Dog Faeces - Is The Fight Widening?

On New Year's day, I thought I would take the time to look back over the year and see if there are any gems of wisdom, which we might have missed.

This information has just come in from one of our avid followers. Although it relates to issues from a few months ago, it gives us the opportunity to think about the broader issues of fouling in general. We owe this mind expanding experience to councillor Isobel McCall of Campbell Park Ward, Milton Keynes council.

Isobel raises a very serious issue, that of street and pavement fouling by horses. In August, with burglary, criminal damage, violence and drug offences in Milton Keynes exceeding the national average, Isobel felt the need to contact the local police asking what they propose to do about police horses depositing manure on the streets.

Isobel also shows that she is not unaware of the dog fouling issue when she states the following: "I have contacted the police and suggested that the horses wear bags to catch the excrement, but the idea has been 'poo-pooed' for 'operational' reasons," she said.

"Surely they could be used when the horses are just out exercising, or the police officers could pick up the manure?

"If you drop a cigarette end or a crisp packet on the footpath or allow your dog to foul the path you can be fined, but a police horse is allowed to make a huge mess and the public are expected to accept this."

Has Isobel been looking at the many devices advertised on this site? Let's be fair, if you can fit a bag on your dog, why not your horse?

The reply from Thames Valley Police is also very telling: "Legislation places no restrictions on horse manure as compared to dog mess as the by-product is considered benign, hence the reason it is sold untreated to gardeners."

From my perspective, this all just goes to show how dog (and possibly other) fouling must be seen as a crime and dealt with as such. I will close by looking at Isobel's observation as follows: Ms McCall said many people were having trouble getting around the piles, especially those in wheelchairs, cyclists and people with children and pushchairs.

I think this is another reason why horse fouling will never take off as a major issue. Let's face it, even I can spot a pile of horse dung at 10 yards (in the dark!). There is no such luck with dog faeces. I have never walked horse dung onto my carpet, how many of our readers can say the same regarding dog mess?

Please read the full article here.

Many thanks to our avid follower and supporter, MK, for bringing this matter to our attention.


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