Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ireland - How Does It Stay Afloat?

Personally speaking, I love Ireland, North and South. The people are warm and friendly and the scenery stunning. We all know that Ireland has had a troubled history and we are now moving into an era of peace, which reflects the wonderful nature of the people of the Emerald Isle.

Now that the troubles are behind us, can the various parties and communities unite? While we have no interest in politics, I have to express my pleasure that the political parties appear to be coming together to combat dog fouling. It appears that Ireland is sinking under the weight of excrement flowing in its streets.

We have already seen how Cllr P J McAvoy of the SDLP has hit out at dog fouling in Ballymena. Our article can be seen here. P J's stand made me wonder if this has become a cross party issue in Ireland. I wasn't disappointed, it certainly has evolved as we might have hoped!

As far back as October 2010, Portadown Sinn Fein councillor Brian McKeow was calling for the erection of more dog fouling bins along the Moy, Drumanphy and Derrylettiff roads. Brian surveyed the area and was "surprised at the amount of discarded litter and dog foulings".

For the Ulster Unionist Party, this is very much a current issue. The Londonderry Sentinel reports (on the day of this post) that UUP in Londonderry say they have been contacted in recent days by residents in Newbuildings regarding the on-going problem of dog- fouling in the village. Local Party Vice-chairman Ronnie Mc Keegan, who is also a resident in the area, said this problem must be dealt with once and for all.

The Alliance Party does not want to be left out of this fouling furore. Cllr Tony Hill, North Down: Bangor West, includes on his profile: I support efforts to reduce the level of litter and dog fouling in our streets. Dog owners must be encouraged to clean up after their pets. I welcome impending new legislation which will allow Councils impose stricter controls on offenders.

Lastly, in the North, the DUP will not be left out of the race. Speaking at last Monday night’s monthly meeting of Craigavon Borough Council, DUP Alderman Stephen Moutray described dog fouling as a “deplorable practice”.“Along with Belfast, we are the most pro active council in Northern Ireland when it comes to this issue,” said Alderman Moutray. That is, indeed, good to hear! Article here.

I couldn't end this post without slipping over into the South. Mayo Fine Gael County Councillor Seamus Weir has challenged a person to come up with a device to harness dog fouling similar to the dung catching devices for horses in Killarney. As Seamus puts it, "The public are so annoyed with dog fouling and we as a forum should look to someone to come up with a dog harness to capture the fouling. I would prefer them carrying it than me having to carry it. It might sound silly but if someone comes up with the idea they could make millions". Come on Seamus, if you care so much why haven't you read this blog? These devices were invented long ago. Get with us and get with it!


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