Friday, January 13, 2012

Cornwall Again - I'm Surprised It Doesn't Sink Under The Weight!

Many of our devoted followers will be aware that Cornwall has featured on this site more than once. As far back as April 2009, I featured an overflowing dog waste bin in my home village. You can relive that post here. This bin has been replaced and there appears to have been an improvement in the emptying regime.

As, however, we are all aware, for every "Ying" there is a "Yang". As one bin closes, another one opens! No more than 3 minutes walk from the location of the bin pictured in the link above is the bin pictured below. I particularly like the bags hanging from the handle. Is it any wonder that the surrounding streets are awash? I think not!

I leave the last word to some local youths, who have put some stickers on the sign on the pole above the bin.

Given the state of the local streets, they'll be kicking more than "ass"!


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