Thursday, January 05, 2012

Cllr Slaughter - Fighting For A Cleaner Village!

Mr Bev Slaughter, vice chair of Bere Ferrers Parish Council in Devon, has thrown his weight firmly behind the issue of dog fouling.
Bev runs his own blog (good man, we need more!). He clearly loves his village and has this beautiful picture for all to see (I hope he won't mind me reproducing it here):

Bev has written about dog fouling in a local publication. I can understand why. How would the above picture look if the crisp, white snow were to be pebble dashed with an obtrusive smattering of dog faeces? Not very appealing I can well surmise!

A special council meeting has been called in the parish hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10 January at 7.30pm. I am, however, a bit confused. While the council is clear that the meeting is 10 January, see here, Bev states that it is on 10 April, see here.
That small issue aside, Bev makes the following point: "Currently, there is some friction between certain members of the Bere Alston United Football Club and some residents about dog poo on the pitch. The Chairman of the club, Mr Will Westlake, recently presented some disgusting photographs at Council that had been taken on the pitch, all featuring dog faeces". If only the club website or Bev's blog could feature these pictures! After all a picture paints a thousand fouled pairs of soccer boots!

As Bev puts it: Dog Fouling: It's Time To Clean Up!

I urge all parishoners to be at this meeting on 10 January and work towards a "Faeces Free Ferrers"!


Bere Ferrers Art at 6 Jan 2012, 11:27:00 said...

Thanks, Peter, for highlighting our problem, mainly in the neighbouring village of Bere Alston, but it is a major problem nationwide. I've amended the offending date - it is next Tuesday.
The ridiculous thing in our village is that owners have dog birthday parties, mainly in the Recreation Field and sit round eating nibbles and drinking wine while their dogs run loose! Hard to believe, but it's true!

Peter Arronsen at 6 Jan 2012, 22:50:00 said...


Thank you for responding! As you observe, the behaviour of some people is incomprehensible.

Keep up the fight, together we will clean the streets and parks!

I hope that your meeting is well attended. That said, make sure there is a mat at the door!

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