Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Calderdale-Halifax Central - There Is No Hope!

Over the years, I have formed a theory that dog fouling has a greater impact on our everyday lives than burglary or robbery.

This is because, even when burglary was at its height in the seventies, each of us was only likely to be burgled once every 40 years. That's now more likely to be every 50 or so.

There is, however, a confusing message coming out of Claderdale-Halifax Central ward. The crime map shows that this ward has an average crime rate with 599 total crimes in November 2011. I would, therefore, according to my theory, expect to see a wave of complaints about dog fouling.

The Halifax Courier confirms my theory by telling us that, in 2011, Calderdale council received nearly 700 complaints about dog fouling. Up to this point, my theory holds.

I did, however, throw my theory out of the window at the fact that one in six pet owners believe that you should not have to clean up after your dog!

Imagine one in six dogs allowed to foul the streets without any cleaning taking place! Actually, not hard as five out of six cleaning up would probably be something of an exception anyway!

I can only really conclude that we are a long way from solving this problem. Perhaps we just feel that cleaning our carpets is an inevitable part of modern life? I don't know.

I do know that nobody wants it through their letter box!


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