Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yet more scary women.

I love it when people lose it over dog fouling and take the law into their own hands - remember the naked pooper scooper, ASBO woman, the dog fouling rant & the woman who took to throwing dog poop at her customer ?

Apart from the fact that they all had "a thing about dog shit" - they were also all women. Not sure if women have a lower threshold when it comes to dog fouling, but here's yet another story about a scary woman who just couldn't take it anymore ...

Chicago Sun-Times gives us this story:

Susan Miller was so frustrated by her neighbor not cleaning up her dog’s poop that she went ballistic after stepping into one pile too many and decided to launch her offensive at her neighbour’s sliding patio screen. In addition to hurling the offending shit, she also strung up several plastic bags of dog poop around the neighbour’s patio and front door. As a finishing flourish, she took a sign from the apartment complex requesting that residents clean up after their dog and stuck it in her neighbours garden.

Susan Miller
Naperville police officers were called about 8:18 pm to Miller's home on the 800 block of Beaumont Drive, in the Brittany Springs apartment complex. The 43-year-old Miller was apparently "fed up with dog faeces" being left on the grounds of the complex, and stated to officers she had, "decided to wipe the dog faeces which she stepped in on the porch of the dog owner."

Miller was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Most of us would have just shut up and tried to forget the incident, but not our Susan - she went on to release a YouTube video to defend her actions!

I love scary women! :-)


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