Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Drop Dead Fred

Drop Dead Fred was a crazy comedy film from 1991 that starred Rik Mayall & Phoebe Cates. Rik played Drop Dead Fred - an imaginary friend of young Phoebe. He returns to her life when she is much older and causes havok in her life.

The only reason I mention this film is that Drop Dead Fred seems to have an affinity with "dog poo". In one famous scene he covers his shoes in dog faeces from the garden, walks into the house on his hands and then proceeds to clean his feet on the beige living room carpet and chairs.

Something we all yern to do some time in our life :-)


Unknown at 13 Dec 2010, 06:38:00 said...

Ugh, thank goodness no one did that prank in my house, or else, I'll flip, since it is very hard to clean off the poop on the carpet. My dog once pooped in my living room and smeared it on the carpet, I almost flipped out, but thankfully, I know of a good carpet cleaning (Hilliard, OH) service that regularly cleans my carpet.

Without those guys at carpet cleaning Marysville OHin cleaning my place, my life will be full of vexations due to my busy schedule.

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