Saturday, October 09, 2010

Dog Fouling - Most Written About to MPs, Yet The Killer Of Political Careers!

You will all remember Danny Kushlick, our hero, who didn't quite win a seat at Bristol at the last election, missing by several thousand votes.

This was bad enough but my research suggests that the topic of dog fouling has ended the political ambitions of SNP member John Mason. John was a rising star of the party. In July 2008, he won a by-election for the SNP in Glasgow East. A former Labour stronghold, John took it for the SNP for the first time ever.

No doubt viewed as a future high flying politician, John made a fatal mistake. He sought to take the issue of dog fouling to the next level. Consequently, he lost by nearly 12,000 votes.

What is it about dog fouling? We all hate it, we all want to see it eliminated, yet the mention of it destroys political careers. See John's big mistake below. Personally, I congratulate him on the excellent way he presents the need to combat this issue. Why ever did the electorate reject him?


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