Friday, October 29, 2010

France Experiences Riots Yet Dog Fouling Takes Prority

While France experiences rioting regarding political matters, which are beyond our remit, dog fouling has, once again, transcended chaos and disruption.

The council chief in Paris had already declared why the French capital had lost out to London for the 2012 Olympics. As reported in The Mail, Paris was the dog poo capital of the world.

Now, the Telegraph reports that sat navs are to be used to combat dog fouling in Toulouse.

Police and council staff will use hand-held computers to position and photograph the offending pile – then email the location to street cleaners. As an official puts it: "no one can now say we are not on top of the problem". Obviously, the people of France are fed up with literally being on top of the problem!

When the silicon chip was first produced, it was hailed as heralding a revolution in the way we live. Did anyone ever envisage that the resultant technology would be used to track dog poo? I think not!

Full article here.


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